yfqynj1pGood Lord have I been a busy little bee this week. Normally I write my Raw review Tuesday morning but it’s currently Wednesday afternoon and I have to go to work soon. Oh well, despite being stupidly busy all of a sudden Raw was too good not to talk about.

Perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly I wasn’t intending on even watching after the generally mundane and dull Fastlane PPV on Sunday. I’m glad I did though, this Raw was a thousand times better than the dross WWE pumped out the night before.

Normally I’d talk about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, reviewing the entire show. I don’t have time, so I’m just going to hit the main talking points.

Shane O’Mac

Oh My God. Shane McMahon has finally returned to the WWE. How awesome was it to see Shane O’Mac back? Literally amazing, what a way to start the show.

Shane interuppted Stephanie McMahon accepting her Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award, declaring that while he was gone he wasn’t left in the shuffle and now that he’s back. He lists plummeting ratings, stock prices and injuries as just some of the reasons that Stephanie and Triple H are ruining the business. He wants control of Raw! Hell yeah!

20160222_raw_contectualmodule_video_shane-ecbfe140ce7d33be2d6ec6ecafe3c084Shane was so emotional during this segment, he looked on the verge of tears at times. I guess the amazing reaction the Detroit fans gave him really touched his heart. It was a deserved reaction too, Shane has always been great.

Then we get to the weird bit, the section that is probably most ‘subject to change’. Vince agrees to give control of Raw over to Shane on one condition. He has to beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemaina, in a Hell In A Cell match. Whaaaaaaat?

That’s a hell of a lot of information to churn out in one segment. Is that match a good idea? Will it happen? If it does will Shane fly from the top of the Cell? The question is, why would Undertaker wrestle for Vince anyway? Surely The Undertaker’s character would want The Authority out of power, so he’d be tempted to just lie down for Shane?

I don’t know, but it’s so fresh, unexpected and exciting to see Shane back. Really looking forward to see where this one goes.

Welcome back, Shane O’Mac!

Brock Lesnar Verses Dean Ambrose

Brock Lesnar was not a happy chappy on Monday Night Raw this week. Furious at losing in the number one contenders match from Fastlane he returned to Raw to make a statement. Before the show he attacked Dean Ambrose, slamming him into a car wind shield, revenge for Dean losing the match.

Later in the night, Paul Heyman declares that Lesnar needs a new opponent for Wrestlemania and puts the locker room on notice. I say it all the time, but there’s just something about Lesnar’s presence on a show that just gives it that something special.

062_raw_02222016ej_0800-10c2f16457d7d96339d12a2942f1bb25Dean Ambrose then returns, but can barely walk. Lesnar wants no part of him and steps on his head while leaving. Ambrose challenges him to a No Holds Barred Street Fight at Wrestlemania, which Lesnar happily accepts via an F5.

This match and feud is going to be absolutely awesome. I’m so happy that WWE have moved away from the Wyatt Family feud. It just wouldn’t have worked and Wyatt desperately needs a win, something he wouldn’t get from that feud.

Lesnar is babyface regardless of how WWE try to book him and I doubt Dean will turn as he’s loved as well. So we get a rare face verse face match, it’s going to be so good. Hopefully this rivalry really puts Ambrose on the map and he can go onto become Champion after Wrestlemania.

Triple H Verses Roman Reigns

For some reason, despite having a decent Raw with excellent surprises and match booking for Wrestlemania, the actual wrestling on the show was still rather samey. For example, The Lucha Dragons with Neville against The New Day or a repeat of the ‘titans’ Vs The Wyatts match for the night before. The stale booking continued into the main event in which Roman Reigns faced Sheamus yet again.

193_raw_02222016ej_1842-b1c91fbd004930e99c4caa79227babbcThe most interesting thing to take from this match is the reaction that the Detroit fans were giving Reigns. After every big move you’d here a cheer, only for it to be eclipsed by boos chasing them down like an avalanche. It got a lot worse for Roman though once Triple H came out.

Triple H is the number one heel in WWE today. His the leader of The Authority, his the heel champion and yet he received a babyface ovation for kicking the crap out of the supposed fan favourite. When he made Reigns bleed by smashing his head into the announce desk over and over, the fans loved it. When he hit Reigns with a Pedigree on the steel steps, the fans chanted ‘one more time’. When he told Reigns to ‘Suck It’, the fans applauded.

Wake up WWE. You’ve made the exact same mistake as last year! Roman Reigns is not over as a face and it’s only going to get worse the closer to Wrestlemania we get. Do you really want another John Cena, who gets a mixed reaction every week or do you want a heel who is universally hated?

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