Brock Lesnar V Dean Ambrose V Roman Reigns

tumblr_o2r3t40N9I1te8c1go1_1280The number one contenders match for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania against Triple H between Lesnar, Ambrose and Reigns should be a fantastic match. Lesnar is incredible in everything he does at the moment, he’s on a different level. Booked to perfection since Wrestlemania 30, his presence alone makes this a must see event.

Most of the build for this match has been Dean Ambrose wanting to fight Lesnar, despite constantly getting beaten down. It’s a plucky never give up attitude that unlike with Reigns or Cena works really well.

Lesnar himself has had multiple stare downs with Triple H, which would indicate that he would be the favourite. However, the true favourite here has to be Roman Reigns. Despite the fact that his cheers since TLC have slowly turned back to a more mixed reaction, he’s still WWEs top babyface. I don’t know why they’d put him in a match with the two most over talents on the roster and expect him to get cheered, it aint gonna happen.

I’m hoping the WWE do in fact deliver a fantastic swerve and give us Dean Ambrose verses Triple H instead. I’d even be happy with Lesnar, despite not really wanting to see him and Triple again. Roman is most likely, but also the poorest choice. I highly suspect he’ll be booed Sunday and even worse at Wrestlemania, but he’s the chosen one. So get used to it.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Divas Championship: Charlotte (c) V Brie Bella

How Brie Bella made it back into the Divas Championship picture I’ll never know. Well, that’s not true it’s the combination of Nikki Bella’s injuries, a new season of Total Divas starting recently and the retirement of Daniel Bryan. None of those are good enough reasons to jusitfy someone who has spent the last year losing having a title shot.

Part of me is terrified they might actually give her the belt and ruin all potential Wrestlemania matches between any combination of the NXT women. Personally I’d like a triple threat or fatal four way  between Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Paige.

Since winning the championship as a rather bland babyface, cheered simply because she wasn’t Nikki Bella her heel turn has been pretty good. Coupled with the slow burn and falling out with Becky Lynch it was one of the best booked feuds on WWE TV for a while.

Winner: Charlotte

Intercontinental Title: Kevin Owens (c) V Dolph Ziggler

2016218_1920x1080_fastlanematch_owensziggler-82efb09f590b45aee161ec60d1cdb869I’ll give it to the WWE, I didn’t see this one coming. At the Royal Rumble Kevin Owens lost his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship. A lose in which I assumed he’d move away from the title picture until after Wrestlemaina. However WWE are quite fond of Title changes on Raw at the moment in a chase for ratings and that’s what happened this week! Kevin Owens won a ‘fatal five-way’ match, pinning Tyler Breeze to once again become Intercontinental Champion. Awesome.

With Dean Ambrose in the World Title hunt he won’t be having his rematch leaving space for Doplh Ziggler to get the opportunity. It we hadn’t already seen this match five hundred times this year I’d be excited, but despite the fact that they never put on a bad match, I just don’t want to see this one again.

I can’t see Ziggler going into Wrestlemania with the Title and I don’t think they’d take it from Kevin Owens this quickly, although part of me wouldn’t be surprised. Owens could be the top heel for WWE, but their inconsistent booking of him since he came up from NXT has hindered him. This could be the turning point though. KOMania all the way!

Winner: Kevin Owens

US Championship: Kalisto (c) V Alberto Del Rio

20160201_fastlanematch_kalistodelrio-kickoff_1920x1080-972aa150b3caaa7cbc17b1690b07194eThe hopeful conclusion to a feud that never even got close to setting the world on fire. Kalisto and Del Rio have beaten exchanged the title three times since the start of the year. Each time Kalisto gained a victory it’s always been considered somewhat of a fluke, which is fair considering Del Rio is a former World Champion.

However, with this match now being a 2 out of 3 falls match. I think this is WWEs attempt to make him look like a more legitimate Champion. In a match that should silence both Del Rio in storyline and fans (like myself) who don’t see Kalisto in that position yet. It wont help though, that this match has been placed on the pre show, have WWE already give up on this idea?

The real question is, if Kalisto does retain the Title. What happens to the Lucha Dragons?

Winner: Kalisto

AJ Styles V Chris Jericho

073_raw_01252016rf_0696-354701643We’ve seen them trade victories on Raw and Smackdown leaving them tied at 1-1, so obviously it’s time for the rubber match. AJ Styles won against Jericho in his debut match on Raw, with a cheeky roll up pin while Jericho got his win back on Smackdown after a Codebreaker. Interestingly that was not the planned finish for the match, it was supposed to end after Jericho caught Styles coming in off the top rope but during his pin attempt his foot went under the rope stopping the pin.

The story WWE are trying to tell is that they are both equal, which is fair. However there can only be won winner from this mini feud and that has to be AJ Styles. It’s the only logical result. AJ Styles needs wins under his belt in WWE and Jericho loves to work with new talent and help put them over.

There’s potential for a Chris Jericho heel turn either during or after this match as well, which could be very interesting for Wrestlemania.

Winner: AJ Styles

Team B.A.D V Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks

Since Sasha’s return at the Royal Rumble, where she looked like she was going to be the next challenger for the Divas Title, she’s had quite the detour. Replaced by Brie Bella in the title picture and now feuding with Team B.A.D isn’t quite as impressive. I’m assuming that it will still be Sasha verses Charlotte at Wrestlemania, but part of me still wants a triple threat match with Becky or a fatal four way with Paige as well.

With the combination of Sasha and Becky winning basically all of their matches against Naomi and Tamina and that they’re really teasing the ‘we can’t work together angle’ I can’t help but think that Team B.A.D will be getting a long over due victory at Fastlane.

Winner: Team B.A.D

Big Show, Ryback & Kane V The Wyatt Family

258_raw_01182016mm_1305-2793864718This is probably the match I’m looking forward to least. By that I mean I literally couldn’t care at all about the team of Big Show, Ryback and Kane. Since they’re lose to Kane and The Undertaker at Survivor Series The Wyatt Family have been rebuilt once more, just in time to lose at Wrestlemania again.

With Bray Wyatt heavily rumoured to be going toe to toe with the beast Brock Lesnar this year, The Wyatt’s need to look as dominate as possible to make it look like an even match. I’m not sure it could ever look even, they’ve been booked miles apart for years.

So obviously the key to this one is giving The Wyatt’s momentum, something a rag tag team do not need. Unlike Bray Wyatt the team of Big Show, Ryback and Kane will not feature prominently on the Wrestlemania card. So they not be winning this one.

Winner: The Wyatt Family