Dolph Ziggler & The Lucha Dragons Vs The League of Nations

So what have we learnt about Kalisto recently? Well we’ve learnt that he likes teaming up with random babyfaces to fight the League of Nations in persistent six man tag team matches. Secondly he’s a much more successful singles wrestler than tag team wrestler. As proven by the fact that since Sin Cara has returned, they’ve lost most of their matches.

This time the Lucha Dragons teamed up with Dolph Ziggler, for no real reason other than an excuse to have Kevin Owens on commentary. Owens by the way shines once again as he always does. Unsurprisngly it’s Owens presence that causes a distraction to Ziggler resulting in him losing the match. How cliché.

The League of Nations have won far too often in the last few weeks heading into this 2 out of 3 falls match for the US Title leading me to believe that Alberto Del Rio, hasn’t got a hope in hell. Hopefully that will be the end of this feud once and for all.

Wade Barrett

Barrett_crop_northWhile we’re on the League of Nations, it is highly rumoured that Wade Barrett has given his notice to WWE that he will not be resigning once his contract runs out later this year. I’m absolutely gutted to hear this as Barrett has been a favourite of mine for years (Yes, I’m English). That said, I can understand his frustrations.

WWE have never really given him the ball and let him run with it. His most successful gimmick ‘Bad News’ was canned because it became too popular and he was meant to be a heel. What?! Meanwhile despite winning multiple Intercontinental Champsionships and last years returning King of the Ring tournament, his career has been hindered by injuries. Even now, despite being on weekly TV he isn’t cleared to compete.

If I was WWE I would let him use his ‘Bad News’ gimmick in his final months once more, the fans would love it and you’d be getting better use out of him cutting promos rather than standing around aimlessly in the League of Nations.


mauro-ranallo-vadapt-620-high-48Unfortunately there was no Mauro Ranallo on commentary this week as he is suffering from the flu. Instead Michael Cole fills in for him, it’s a little bit of a shame because I’ve really enjoy Ranallo’s work since he joined. Especially since he’s been teaming up with a newly heel Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. His recent turn on the commentary booth has been a god send. We’d been asking for it for years and the improvement is already there to hear.

Chris Jericho Vs AJ Styles 3

After a good match with The Miz Jericho initially turned down Style#s challenge. This leads to Styles throwing some fists at Jericho, who changes his mind, promising that he’ll regret it.

So we all knew this match was going to happen and were just waiting to see how it played out. I’m still waiting for a Chris Jericho heel turn, but as long as he stays as this more serious face Jericho I’m fine with whatever he does. Face verse face can work, it just needs to be done right. I’d say so far it is.

Charlotte Vs Natalya

After defeating Natalya Charlotte proceeded to mock Daniel Bryan’s Yes chant. This brought out Brie Bella who after a brief scuffle she chases Charlotte off and poses with the Title. There’s no way WWE would be stupid enough to actually give Brie the Title at Fastlane right? Right?!

Well, if traditional booking is anything to go by, she’s had her moment on television. Which means she’s losing on the PPV. Thank God.

Sasha Banks Vs Tamina

Sasha Banks defeated Tamina in a relatively straight forward match. Afterwards Naomi attacked which led to Becky Lynch making the save. Sasha doesn’t want anything to do with her tough and pushes her away.

With the combination of Sasha and Becky winning basically all of their matches against Naomi and Tamina and that they’re really teasing the ‘we can’t work together angle’ I can’t help but think that Team B.A.D will be getting a long over due victory at Fastlane.

Since Sasha’s return at the Royal Rumble, where she looked like she was going to be the next challenger for the Divas Title, she’s had quite the detour. Replaced by Brie Bella in the title picture and now feuding with Team B.A.D isn’t quite as impressive. I’m assuming that it will still be Sasha verses Charlotte at Wrestlemania, but part of me still wants a triple threat match with Becky or a fatal four way with Paige as well.

#1 Contenders Triple Threat

How cool was it to see Brock Lesnar on Smackdown again? That man brings legitimacy to any show he’s on, something Smackdown desperately needs. No, he wont be there every week, but every once in a while would be really cool.

It’s quite telling that the Roman Reigns face experiment is still faltering that when he is paired up against Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar, two genuinely over with the fans competitors, that he is the one to get booed.

In what was looking to be the ‘closing sequence’ in Ambrose and Reigns match against The Dudley Boys, you could still hear the boos from some of the audience. It wasn’t a huge amount, but you need to keep in mind that Smackdown tends to have the most casual crowds out of all WWE events. So if they boo the intended number one babyface in the company, think of how bad it could get at Wrestlemania!

Its interesting how they keep teasing Lesnar Vs Triple H from Wrestlemania. Lesnar, quite rightly has been dominating both men in the weeks coming up to Fastlane but it’s highly unlikely he’ll be winning on Sunday. Besides, do we really want Triple H verses Lesnar again? I’m not so sure.

The friendship between Reigns and Ambrose continues to implode, I really hope WWE make the right choice if they end up feuding later in the year. Right now, it’s clear Ambrose should be face and Reigns heel.