Slash discographyApocalyptic Love and World On Fire are the second and third studio albums from legendary Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Slash. Fans will recall that Slash’s self-titled album back from 2010 featured a variety of guest vocals such as Ozzy Osbourne, Fergie, Chris Cornell, Lemmy, Iggy Pop and, of course, Myles Kennedy. After touring with Slash for that albums release Kennedy is now solely relied upon as the lead singer.

Meanwhile the backing band have been dubbed ‘The Conspirators’. I much prefer having Myles as the exclusive vocalist, namely because I’m a huge fan of his but also because it helps build the consistency for both records and the overall feeling of the songs. Despite producing some good songs on the debut, Apocalyptic Love and World On Fire feel more like album releases rather than just a collection of songs all over the place in both style and sound.

Apocalyptic Love, 2012.

As both albums are very much in the same style and they’ve both been out for some time now, I feel like I can review them together. Think of it as more of a band review rather than albums I suppose?

EPSON scanner imageLet’s start this of strongly, these two albums are probably two of the best pure rock records I’ve heard in years. Obviously they’re both going to contain the classic dirty guitar wailing that we’ve all grown so accustomed too and love. Brilliant solos and high energy rock tracks. Slash has an ability to make even the most generic riffs sound fresh and exciting. Personally I think this is a better musical product than Velvet Revolver ever was.

What I love about these albums is that it’s just natural stripped down hard rock and roll songs. It’s real music, played by real people. I don’t want to start rambling like an old man about how everything is fake these days, personally I don’t care how a song is crafted. If it’s good, it’s good. It’s just refreshing to listen to music that you know can be played note for note on stage. I’m not surprised however considering this is Slash and Myles Kennedy after all.

538The songs range from straight up rock, blues inspired tunes and mid temp ballads. There’s even a little bit of classical in the opening of Anastasia. Both records are well rounded, dipping their toes into different genres while creating some real fun melodies and catchy riffs. Consisting of songs primarily written by Slash and company while on the road. For Apocalyptic Love Myles Kennedy had focused on both rhythm guitar and vocals however due to his touring schedule with Alter Bridge he only worked on the vocals for World On Fire.

For both records you get more than your moneys worth. Apocalyptic Love has 13 tracks running at 54 minutes and 20 seconds. While World On Fire features even more with 17 songs and a run time of 77 minutes and 24 seconds. I’ve seen arguments that World On Fire might feature slightly more filler but personally I think they’re all great tunes. Both albums are well worth a purchase.

World on Fire, 2014.

Verdict: Thumbs Up