Slipknot were recently back once again in the UK for their latest European tour and made their way to Alexandra Palace, London. A venue that is a massive pain in the ass to get home from after 11pm by the way! This was my fourth time seeing them live and at every show these guys will give it everything, so I already knew before hand going in that this was going to be epic. And it was.

Before the show even started, I had to chance to meet the band in a meet and greet. Now yes I did pay a bit for it but for me it was worth every penny. The guys were all very nice, I got a group photo and poster signed by everyone. For me this was an amazing experience, I got into Slipknot back in 2000 and if it wasn’t for them then I wouldn’t got into Metal music in general. So doing this meet and greet was an experience that I will never forget.

Now onto the show. Now there were two support acts who were Sikth and Suicidal Tendencies which unfortunately I missed out on so there is no review but I will say if your into your Hardcore Punk/Thrash Metal then Suicidal Tendencies are worth checking out at some point. So we got straight to our MAIN EVENT!


Slipknot Setlist Alexandra Palace, London, England, Europe Tour 2016Once again Slipknot killed it. I do consider them one of the best live bands around. People were going crazy pretty much everywhere. The mosh pits were insane and people were just going off on one, enjoying every second of this show. Lead Singer Corey Taylor knows how to get the crowd riled up for the next song and knows how to command the audience. Also Jay Weinberg their new drummer in my opinion has just been a fantastic fit for the band ever since former Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison left in 2013. The live shows sounds just feels so fluid and on point.

They always have a top notch setlist, this one was great because they played quite a few songs from their 2001 album Iowa, including Everything Ends, I Am Hated, Metabolic and Left Behind. Which is my favourite Slipknot album and in my top 5 of all time favourite album ever. The only thing I will say about the setlist was there was no People=Shit, my favorite Slipknot song, which was a bit disappointing but still a fantastic set of songs.

And of course no Slipknot set would be complete without their song from their self-titled album, Spit It Out. Now if you have seen Slipknot before, then you know what happens but if you have never seen them live then this is the part of the show where Corey Taylor will command you to get down on the floor and and when he says the words “JUMP THE FUCK UP!”. Well that’s what you do and go crazy. It my favourite part of the live experience and definitely something everyone should be apart of at some point in the lives.

This show gets a 10/10 for me. Even though I missed the first two acts, Slipknot did enough for me and for the day I had, well worth the money I spent.