From Anaheim California comes the ‘go home’ Raw to WWE Fastlane, which is this Sunday. Now WWE have been putting on some decent PPVs, more or less, for the past year but Raw has always been slacking behind it. Especially the ‘go home’ shows, which if anything do the oppoisite of hyping up their respective PPVs. How did this Raw do? Well lets look at The Good, The Bad and the down right Ugly from Raw.

The Good

Intercontinental Championship

What a great way to start off Raw, a fatal five-way for the Intercontinental Championship. Odd seeing Stardust and Tyler Breeze in the mix, can’t see what they’ve done to deserve the opportunity but whatever! Kevin Owens wins the title after losing to Dolph Ziggler two weeks in a row. As for Dean Ambrose, he wasn’t pinned to lose the Title so his momentum going into Fastlane isn’t damaged, in fact in an odd way, his odds of winning just went up!

It’s great to see another title change on Raw, it keeps things fresh and exciting. Pretty good match as well. It throws all my predicitions for Fastlane and Wrestlemania out of the window. Which is also great, after all what happened to the days of ‘anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation’?

There is an awesome four corner Kevin Owen canon ball spot with Owens delivering the move to Ambrose, Stardust and Ziggler before Tyler Breeze breaks the chain by delivering a super model kick and a beauty shot to almost win the match. Owens would then go onto win after a Pop Up Powerbomb to Breeze later on in the match.

AJ Styles V Chris Jericho 3?

098_raw_02152016ej_1099-3101985590After his match with The Miz (more on that later) AJ Styles challenged Chris Jericho to a rubber match at Fastlane. Jericho says he’ll think about it, but he’d let him know on Smackdown.I really like this, it’s giving people another reason to tune in to see what will happen. Really glad they seem to be at least attempting to make Smackdown more important, let’s hope it lasts.

Paul Heyman on Fastlane

Atumblr_o2ml0rwbey1tuub8ro1_500 great promo, as you’d expect, from Paul Heyman talking up the possible descension between Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Really happy that WWE are at least trying to build this up into something. Dean comes out to save Reigns from the Dudley Boys (who attack for some reason, old ECW/Smackdown ties?), but then he tries to hit Roman with ‘Dirty Deeds’. A quick point at the Wrestlemania sign later and all is forgiven, the crowd boo they’re continued friendship. This teasing doesn’t even necessarily have to be paid off on Sunday at Fastlane, it can all be used later on. Probably when Ambrose (it certainly wont be Roman) turns heel at something point.

The Bad

Charlotte and Brie Bella

Charlotte and Brie Bella cut an awkward promo before they face off at Fastlane on Sunday. Neither woman is a particularly strong talker and it showed this week. Specifically from Brie, who can’t even sound genuine when talking about her own sister and husband. I’ve seen worse but it’s still quite cringe worthy. Also Brie doesn’t understand that ‘literally’ doesn’t mean ‘metaphorically’. Charlotte was not literally throwing Nikki and Bryan in her face after all.

While we’re discussing Brie Bella I feel the need to mention that her recieving any push or potential title run due to the injuries of Nikki Bella or Daniel Bryan is ridiculous. It’s probably the worst reasoning for a push I’ve heard in a long time, since Rey Mysterio in fact. I’m also not a fan of Brie using Daniels ‘Yes’ kicks, I never have been especially when she was a heel. Her theme song is also dreadful, all in all I find it very difficult to find a reason to support her.

Same old shit?

I’m getting sick and tired of seeing the same matches over and over again. AJ Styles has only been on the roster since the Royal Rumble, however he’s already wrestled Chris Jericho and The Miz twice on free TV since then. All four matches have been good but can we not get some more match variance around here please? Thankfully it’s not as bad as Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler every single week yet though. Speaking of which…

In the opening match we saw Kevin Owens win the Intercontinental Championship, who will he defend his title against at Fastlane? If you guessed Dean Malenko, you’re wrong. It’s Dolph Ziggler! That’s right, that same match again. Let me remind you that they’ve already wrestled four weeks in a row on Raw (three singles matches and both men competed in the Fatal Five-way). Enough is enough! They’re both very talented wrestlers, both are good on the microphone and I’m sure with an actual feud they could have produced gold, but I am sick of seeing them wrestle each other! I really hope that at Fastlane, it’s the last time they wrestle each other for a very long time.

Déjà vu from The Dudley Boys

The Dudley Boys cut a promo, which is basically a retelling of what they said on Smackdown. Clearly WWE don’t think enough people watch Smackdown and it needs repeating on Raw, which is a shame. I like where they are going with The Dudleys though, so that’s a plus.

League of Nations Vs The Lucha Dragons and Neville

177_raw_02152016ej_1792-917331265I wasn’t really going to mention the League of Nations Vs The Lucha Dragons and Neville six man tag team match. It was really a non starter, a time filling exercise with no really point. However, once again we had to witness the absolutely kayfabe busting finishing double stomp from the top rope, all the while the receiver hangs there for an eternity waiting to be kicked. It looks terrible, it shouts ‘Hey guys, wrestling is fake’ louder than anything else going right now. You’ve got two choices, figure out a way to speed it up and make it look more realistic or stop doing it. I don’t mind which.

Big Show Vs Braun Strowman

209_raw_02152016ej_2055-3547673928The show kicked off with a fatal five-way for the Intercontinental Championship. It ended with The Big Show Vs Braun Strowman. That’s backwards right? If this main event doesn’t have skip written all over it I don’t know what does. I can’t wait to see the figures for the final hour of Raw, if they don’t fall sharply I’ll eat my hat.

Ryback and Kane come out to make the big save and you find yourself thinking, where did all the star power go? A friend of mine went to the event and almost left because she was so bored. Not a good sign for your ‘go home’ Raw!

The Ugly

tumblr_o2n8yth5ro1sbzhteo1_400How could this not be in the Ugly list? The ending to Big E verses Mark Henry was botch central. It was messy, sloppy and a horrible finish from both men. Basically they got the timing wrong for the Big Ending, resulting in Mark Henry  dropping early and falling to the floor. Mark Henry might have been meant to reverse it but then Big E pinned him for the victory. It looked amateur.

Big E should never have made a pin attempt after that and it certainly shouldn’t have ended the match. Afterwards Big E looked pissed off while the commentators scrambled to cover the situation. There are rumours that Mark Henry is actually injured? I hope not and I wish him the best, but this was still really ugly to watch.