Back on Saturday February 6th 2016 I had to chance to attend Neck Deep and State Champs world tour when they played at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town, London. Personally  I love the Pop Punk genre so I wasn’t going to miss this one! So let’s see how the bands did that night.

Light Years

Unfortunately I was later getting to the venue and missed the first band, Light Years. I was a bit gutted as I’d just listened to them for the first time that day and these guys sound amazing. I’m sure they will be back at some point and I’ll catch them another time. Even though I missed out on seeing them live, I’d still recommend that you check out their latest album I’ll See You When I See You.


Creeper Setlist O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, England 2016Okay, so I’d heard a little bit of Creeper before the show and I’m not going to lie. For whatever reason, I wasn’t feeling what they were doing.

However that all changed when I saw them live. You see, I have this thing with bands sometimes. If I’ve heard a few songs from a band and I’m not feeling it then what happens is, I see them live and they prove to me that I was wrong. Creeper were the latestband to do this.

Wow, these guys were great, great energy and the songs sounded much better live. I’ve now gone back to listen to their songs since and now I like them a lot more than I did before. So great job by Creeper as you have another fan of your work.

State Champs

State Champs Setlist O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, England 2016Now we get to State Champs. These guys are full or energy and put on a great set. I love their latest album Around The World and Back and they played some great songs that album and off their first album The Finer Things. My 4th time seeing them and they just keep improving every time.

I remember back when The Finer Things came out, I’d just learnt about these guys and thought they had a great sound. What’s really notable is that when I introduced them to my friends, they all loved them as well. So they must be doing something right, right?

Neck Deep

And now it’s time for your main event!

Neck Deep Setlist O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, England 2016This was my 7th time seeing Neck Deep and they just get better and better and better everytime. In my opinion these are the guys who have helped revived the Pop Punk over the last few years.

For the first 15-20 minutes of their set I was in the mosh pit, it was insane but a lot of fun. These guys know how to put on the show. Their latest album Life’s Not Out To Get You is a fine piece of work and songs from it sound amazing live, in fact all of their songs sound amazing live!

One of my highlights of the show was there is a song off the new album called December. Now on the album it’s an acoustic track but earlier in the day, my friend informed me that there was an actual full band version with guitars, bass and drums. So when Neck Deep played it I was gobsmacked as it sounds incredible and in my opinion a lot better that the acoustic version.

Also some dickhead tried to start a fight in the pit but security dragged his ass out and Ben Barlow. the lead singer, cut a promo on him and so he should, that douche deserved to be kicked out.

I give this show a 10/10 because all three bands that I saw put on a fantastic show and can’t wait to go see any of them again. If you haven’t heard of, or gotten around to checking them out yet, I would highly recommend all of the bands from this show. I promise you will not be disappointed.