Released in September 2012 FTL: Faster Than Light is a space ship simulator created by indie developer Subset Games. In the game, the player controls the crew of a spacecraft belonging to the Galactic Federation, it is holding critical information that desperately needs to be delivered to the allied fleet. As the ‘Captain’ you must guide the spacecraft over eight sectors, facing procedurally generated events making every play through slightly different. While fighting against rebels and other hostile forces you can recruit new crew members and upgrade your ship.

It’s a kind of choose your own adventure. The decisions you make will have consequences and they’re not always good. For example, if you decide to go down to a prison planet to help stop a riot. There’s a good chance you might lose a crew member or two. You also get to decide what kind of Captain you are. Will you be a a heroic and selfless captain who will always do the right thing? Or perhaps you’ll be more of a dick rogue who only does what’s best for yourself and your crew, leaving innocent people to die just because helping them is inconvenient. These sorts of decisions don’t have any really long term impact unfortunately, but moral choices are always fun to think about.

520949411Something you’ll quickly learn about FTL is that you’ll die. A lot. Luckily the game generously allows you to pause at any time and consider what to do, this is specifically helpful in combat. Survival often depends on what you’re carrying, which type of crew members you have and when you happen across shops selling fuel and ammunition. Like I mentioned earlier in each play through you’ll happen across different procedurally generated events, some will be better than others. One play through you might get screwed over completely, the next you’ll be handed the holy grail to kill everyone in front of you. It’s part of what makes the game so fun and re-playable.

FTL is currently £6.99 on steam. Which, considering how many hours you will sink into this game is an absolute steal. Way more than your moneys worth.

Verdict: Thumbs Up