Chris Jericho Vs AJ Style 2

Chris Jericho opens the show with a promo in which is flip flops between face and heel every other sentence. It’s a little weird, but hopefully its all just a slow burn for a Wrestlemania season heel run. He calls out AJ Styles to fight then and there!

006_sd_02092016jg_0215-2370905439You’re first thoughts are: Why is this the opening match?! That doesn’t make any sense! Oh, it’s so the Social Outcasts can interrupt and the match can be switched to a tag team match instead, with Jericho and AJ working as a team. It’s just like last week when the main event talent open and close the show doing double duty. It’s really weird that WWE don’t have enough talent on Smackdown to fill all of the matches without people having to wrestle twice. Or is that just me?

Don’t think I didn’t notice that Chris Jericho is once again playing the General Manager and booking matches for himself and other people. I thought Stephanie had put himn in his place about this weeks ago on Raw! Who is in charge here?! Not The Authority at any rate.

The tag match is mostly just Styles and Jericho trying to one up each other, it’s pretty fun and harmless. Poor Curtis Axl takes the brunt of most of the action. A code breaker after the match hints even more at a heel turn for Jericho. I don’t understand why this was the first of two matches for the night though. This segment would have been plenty enough for this rivalry. Why not reschedule the rematch for next weeks Smackdown or Raw?

101_sd_02092016hmm_0652-148574150In the main event Chris Jericho beats AJ Styles with another code breaker. It’s really as simple as that. It’s a clean win, no heel turn, no nothing. It doesn’t really make sense to me. Surely it would have been better to have Jericho either cheat to win, thus turning heel, or have him lose, giving him another reason to turn heel later on? Just me?

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. 50/50 booking is awful, it doesn’t help anyone get over with the crowd. Had Jericho cheated, it would have made sense but winning one week and losing the next week does nothing for me. If WWE are trying to tell me that they’re evenly matched, great I get it. But that’s a boring story.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just to eager to see Jericho work as a heel again that I can’t see the forest for the trees.

Brock Lesnar on Smackdown!

20160211_sd_brock_thumbnailThat’s right, you read that correctly. Brock Lesnar will return to Smackdown next week for the first time in a decade! This is amazing news as since his return in 2012 he’s only worked Raw and PPVs.

Clearly this is another attempt to make Smackdown more of a legitimate show once more and what better way to do so than having the number one star of your company actually work on it. I’m impressed by the booking and must say I’m happy with the changes and improvements they are trying to bring to Smackdown now it’s on the USA network.

The Dudley Boys

020_sd_02092016jg_0164-3619070463Following their attack on The Usos after the tables match on Raw the Dudley Boys are now fully heel. For the first time since their return they’re actually showing characters rather than generic happy go lucky babyfaces! Gone is the stupid camo gear instead they’ve opted for jeans and shirts, much better. Granted Devon is still wearing the same vest he always does. Will somebody buy that man a second shirt or something!

Bubba and Devon explain that they’re upset with how they’ve been treated as a nostalgia act, rather than the ‘baddest tag team on the planet’. They say that they are legends wanting to add to their own legacy. A fair criticism I’d say as they’ve been wasted since returning!

In a brilliant master stroke of they announce that they will no longer be using tables. This is excellent heel work as rule #1 of being a heel is, if the fans want you to do something. Don’t do it! I love it! Hoping for bigger and better things from them now. Just need creative to use them correctly again.