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Muppets_1-sht_v4.inddIt’s been years since The Muppets worked together. Kermit the Frog lives depressed and alone in his own Hollywood mansion, ‘The Great Gonzo’ runs a high class plumbing chain called at Gonzo’s Royal Flush and Fozzie Bear performs with a tribute band called The Moopets. Miss Piggy, the most successful post Muppet Show, is the plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris. However, Animal is at a celebrity anger management rehab center in Santa Barbara. When three life long Muppet fans, Gary, Mary and Walter, learn that Tex Richman wants to drill under the old Muppet Theater for oil, they set out to regroup the gang so that they can put on one last show and save it.

The Muppets is a 2011 musical comedy film. It’s the seventh theatrical film featuring The Muppets and the first released since Muppets From Space, twelve years before. Which bombed at the box office. Directed by James Bobin and written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stroller this could very much be considered a reboot for a franchise that never really went away.

I’m a life long fan of The Muppets. I grew up on them and more specifically Sesame Street. I own most of the original Muppet TV show on DVD and just in general absolutely love them both. I’ve actually already reviewed a Muppets film before on this site, with A Christmas Carol just before Christmas. If you want to read that review CLICK HERE.

2r2bwalterWhat this film does brilliantly is it reintroduces us to the classic Muppet characters in excellent style. It’s both nostalgic and moving forward at the same time. They reference and joke about the past but its always about bettering yourself and being what you want to be now.

It’s packed full with jokes and heart and is just loveable in every way. Everytime I watch it I spend the entire movie with a huge smile on my face. It’s just so much fun to see the Muppets doing their thing again.

You can’t write a review about this film without mentioning the soundtrack. It’s simply incredible. The majority of the songs were written by Bret McKenzie, who from Flight of the Conchords and rightly won and Academy Award for the song ‘Man or Muppet’. Which in my opinion, isn’t even the best song from the film! This songs are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get stuck in your head for weeks.

The Muppets is a great family movie, for both older fans of the series and new ones alike. In what might be the best movie from 2011 or at leas the most fun at any rate, Jim Hensen would be proud of this film.

Verdict: Thumbs Up