If you’re a wrestling fan and you’ve spent sometime on the internet then you probably already know who Noelle Foley is. That’s right she’s THAT Mick Foley’s daughter. Yes the one who basically tried to kill himself in every match he was in.  From being tossed off Hell in a Cell by The Undertaker, thrown through that same cell multiple times, those chair shots from The Rock in a hellacious ‘I Quit’ match. Mick Foley was in some of the most barbaric WWE matches of all time.

Considering that, it might still surprise you to find out that these two are related. I mean no disrespect, but Mick Foley isn’t going to be winning any ‘Worlds Sexiest Man’ awards any time soon. His daughter on the the hand is simply stunning!

In a fortunate twist of good luck (for us) Noelle is a huge fan of social media. Specifically uploading fantastic pictures of herself. I’ve put together a gallery of some of these for your viewing pleasure. It was a difficult job, one I obviously didn’t want to do, but somebody had to do it.

You’re welcome world.