At the beginning of January everything was looking great for Arsenal. We were top of the Premier League, still in the Champions League and there was potential for another FA Cup run. It was starting to look like it would finally be our year to win the league again. While our cup competition standings haven’t changed since then our league hopes have taken some damage.

Today Arsenal beat Bournemouth 2-0, which is great, however it is our first victory in the league since January 2nd. When we beat Newcastle 1-0. Since then we’ve drawn against Liverpool, Stoke and Southampton and we also lost to Chelsea. Before today’s game we’d dropped to fourth in the league! Now Liverpool and Chelsea are obviously still big teams, granted they are not performing this year, but to come away with only one point is still frustrating. However for teams such as Southampton and Stoke, there is no excuse. We need to be beating those teams, it’s as simple as that.

You can forgive your team for dropping points against the ‘big teams’. It happens, but to throw away points with opposition who we should definitely be beating is intolerable. I mean no disrespect to Stoke and Southampton, it’s just the way it is. Arsenal should be competing to win the league every single year but we always seem to drop points where we shouldn’t. It’s one of the main reasons we haven’t really been competitive in so long.

This could have or maybe should have been our year and in theory it still could be. With this victory over Bournemouth we’re back up to third. Five points adrift from Leicester who are flying high and level on points with Tottenham but behind on goal difference. Considering our position at the start of 2016, it’s not really good enough.

Do I think Arsenal can win the league? Yes.

Will they? I hope so.

Do I expect them too? No.