Rocket League is a soccer based video game with the twist of using vehicles as the players rather than incredibly overpaid footballers. It was developed and published by Psyonix, initially released for Playstation 4 and PC in July 2015 with an Xbox One version following after.

It is the sequel to the 2008 game Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, to which I think we can all agree that Rocket League is a much catchier name. Rocket League does feature a single-player mode, although it is definitely the multi-player gameplay, which can be played across the different platforms, that is the highlight and main selling point.

Rocket League has the perfect balance of fun and competitive gameplay. It’s fast, daft and exhilarating not to mention incredibly addictive. This is the type of game in which you’ll intend to play through a couple of the five minute games only to realise later that you’ve lost a few hours to it.

rocket-league-screenshot-010-ps4-us-7jul15With a crisp graphic style and unpredictable mayhem Rocket League thrives on speed and momentum. Half the fun of the game comes from trying to predict and how the ball will bounce. For which you slowly develop a smug sense of satisfaction as you learn, only to completely get it wrong for your next intended wonder goal.

Somewhat surprisingly is just how well Rocket League creates the emotional rush you’d normally find as a fan of football. An ability it does far better than actual football games like FIFA in fact. A last minute goal or save will have you jumping for joy, which when you think about it, is quite ridiculous.

In short, a fun yet simple and highly addictive game bound together to create one of the top competitive games in recent years. A must play.

Verdict: Thumbs Up