the-banner-saga-11Set in a world inspired by Norse mythology and viking culture, The Banner Saga is a a tactical role-playing game develop by Stoic. It was released as a single-player campaign, the first of a projected trilogy.

Stoic have done a great job at creating a fascinating world to walk through. Although you learn very little it feels like everything has its own story to tell, even if some are only hinted at in this first game. I’d love to know more about the stories, heroes and mythology in this universe. Which is something we’ll hopefully be seeing in the next two games.

It’s an enjoyable play through with simple game mechanics that are easy to pick up as you play. Although some of the battles seem impossible or the harder settings, maybe I’m just bad at the game though. There is a lack of variety in the combat system however and you tend to be facing the same enemies over and over, which can grow tiresome. This is a problem that only really affects repeat playthroughs though.

bannersagaAnother problem that repeat playthroughs suffer from is the realisation that the choices you make throughout the game don’t make that much difference. I’ve played through this game several times and the major story beats are always the same no matter what I’ve chosen. The choices only really affect who you have in combat situations for the most part, which is a shame. Hopefully this will be addressed in the sequels though, given you more freedom and choices to choose from that affect the games story in major ways.

Criticisms aside this game is worth picking up. The Banner Saga is currently priced at £14.99 on Steam, which I personally feel is a little steep considering the games length and repetitive game play means the replay value isn’t as great as it should be. However I would recommend picking it up on a Steam sale for sure.

Verdict: Thumbs Up