My Old Band

It’s not often I do a post just about me. It’s normally my opinion on something or complaining about this, that and the other. But I felt like doing one today.

A few years ago I used to play the drums in a band called Pirate Radio. I know, I know it’s not the most original band name in the world but it doesn’t matter. Anyway I was with this band for around a year and a half, it was a lot of fun but unfortunately my job kept getting in the way of playing gigs so I ended up having to leave. It was a shame and for a while I was pretty bitter about it.

These days the rest of the band has long since disbanded and moved onto other projects, but you can still find our old demo EP Drive The Rain online. Now that time has passed though I can look back again on the songs we wrote and enjoy them for what they are. Good rock songs.

I know, I know I’m banging my own drums here about something that I’ve done but I genuinely feel that way. Don’t just take my bias opinion of them though! I’ve built a playlist using the old reverb nation account of all the songs that I played on so that you can listen as well.

I hope you like them as much as I do.