vefqfjh3In front of a half empty crowd in Dayton, Ohio it’s the final WWE TV show before the Royal Rumble PPV. The lack of crowd speaks volumes about how people feel about Smackdown. Despite a promised reboot, it’s still WWE going through the motions for the two hour show. It’s basically filler at this point. Since it’s the final show before the Rumble though, I watched giving WWE one last chance to get me really hyped. Let’s discuss The Good and The Bad from Smackdown.

I didn’t have time to watch the show in full unfortunately, so I had to make do with the Youtube highlights. Which, in fairness probably helped me enjoy the show more than the advert riddled 2 hour experience.

The Good

Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family

137_sd_01192016cm_1694-295639030Bray Wyatt continued to look good on Smackdown. After taking out both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar on Raw the Wyatt Family followed that up by taking out Reigns again on Smackdown. It’s good to see Wyatt looking strong again, now all we need is for him to win a big feud and we’re golden.

I’m really liking Bray’s current trend of cutting promos outside the ring without a microphone. Granted it’s better for the TV audience rather than those in attendance, but it’s different and feels more natural and in the moment than constantly grabbing a microphone to talk.

Quick Fire Plus Points

003_sd_01192016cm_0646-3495453320More changes to the opening promo formula. If WWE insist on opening each show with a monologue at least on Smackdown they are switching around the people doing the talking. This week we had Chris Jericho and The New Day opening the show. More on Jericho later however.

029_sd_01192016jg_0875-4012935693Finally we have found a superkick that can win a match again! Sure it’s a triple superkick from Jimmy, Jay and Dolph Uso (see the face paint for the joke) but at least it got the job done. Now all we need is that done every time and we can stop the outrageous kick outs we’ve been seeing for years now.

Becky Lynch continues to win and look good, just in time to lose to Charlotte at the Rumble.

Miz TV segments are often hit and miss, mostly miss but I enjoyed this weeks with Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose. Everything from The Miz sulking in the corner for being interrupted, to the verbal jabes before the culminating mini scuffle was entertaining. Much like the rest of the Owens/Ambrose feud to be fair.

The Bad

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho continued to falter on this weeks Smackdown. It’s painful to watch someone who use to be so great on the microphone fall so far. His jokes aren’t funny, the crowd don’t care. This ‘rooty, tooty, booty’ nonsense has to end. I thought piped in cheers and boos were bad enough, but is there anything worse than piped in laughs for your bad jokes? I don’t think so.

Six Man Tag Team Matches

Every single week, more and more six man and eight man tag team matches. Enough is enough WWE! I’m sick to death of them!

What is your purpose?
107_sd_01192016jg_1134-2703363503Can anybody tell me exactly what Dolph Ziggler’s purpose is these days? Is it just to be an extra man in yet another six man tag team match? The last two story lines he’s had have flopped and ended early. Although the Rusev love triangle ending early was a blessing in honesty. But, what is he doing now? Dressing like an Uso for no particular reason I guess.

While I’m at it. Stardust, what exactly is your purpose either?! You’re stuck in a feud with Titus O’Neil mate, that’s not a good place to be. Not only that, you’re losing to him weekly! You, like Ziggler, need some new direction fast! Maybe a rekindling of your feud with Goldust at the Royal Rumble would do you some good.

Kalisto’s Promo

I take it back! There is a worse thing on Smackdown than piped in laughs for bad promos. Piped in crowd reactions for the name drops of legends like Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. The cheers are so fake it’s almost unbearable. Now either the promo was pre recorded so the, albeit small, audience couldn’t react to it or they simply didn’t care about what Kalisto was saying. Either way, it was really bad to watch.

Roman Reigns Vs League of Nations

128_sd_01192016cm_1676-2186782955Roman Reigns defeated all four of the League of Nations in a 4 on 1 handicap match. Again. For the second time. Yes it was via a disqualification but honestly, the League of Nations look pathetic, how am I suppose to take them seriously? How are they meant to be considered a threat? They can’t even defeat one man, bloody useless.

The Roman Reigns destruction machine, even after a post match attack from the League of Nations, then got up and took out half of the Wyatt Family as well, granted only briefly. So let me get this straight. Roman Reigns can take on six men easily and not really break a sweat. Fantastic, way to make the rest of your superstars look like dog shit WWE.