This Sunday is the 29th Royal Rumble. Normally the winner of the Royal Rumble match gets a title shot at Wrestlemania, however this year the World Title is on the line in the match itself!

jyqkrtlLast years Royal Rumble PPV was actually excellent, until half way through the Rumble itself. Basically everything went to shit after Daniel Bryan was eliminated despite an amazing start featuring returns from Bubba Ray Dudley, The Boogeyman and Diamond Dallas Page. The fans turned on Roman Reigns, other superstars and the match in general. It was not pretty to watch.

Moving onto this year though, it’s time for some predictions. For the PPV, Tables, Ladders & Chairs, I got 6 out of the 7 predictions right. Can I go one better and get 100% this time though? Let’s see.

Intercontinental Title – Dean Ambrose (c) V Kevin Owens

tumblr_o0gsq9qch51twkp9to1_400Probably the best feud going in WWE today is for the Intercontinental Title. In what has essentially just been one long back and forth fight between the two superstars it final comes to ahead in a Last Man Standing match. It’s going to be great. Personally I would never have taken the belt from Kevin Owens. I have had him as a dominant champion only to be dethroned by Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania. That could still happen, but I think WWE have other plans for Owens.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

US Championship – Alberto Del Rio (c)  V Kalisto

20160112_light_rr_match_delriokalisto_homepageThe Us Championship has been passed around like a hot potato the last few week between these two. Firstly Kalisto ‘shocked the world’ by winning it on Monday Night Raw only to lose it back on that weeks Smackdown. With this being the rubber match of the series you have to think seriously about who is going to be moving forward with the title for Wrestlemania. That’s an easy choice. Alberto Del Rio. There is no way he’s going to lose to Kalisto again. They only booked the quick switch around for a minor ratings boost in the first place, but doing it again so soon wouldn’t make any difference. It would only hinder the Title. After the Royal Rumble, Kalisto will move back into the tag team picture once Sin Cara returns from injury, while Del Rio will continue to plod along with the League of Nations.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Tag Titles – New Day (c) V The Usos

20160111_light_rr_match_newdayusos_hpThis is the only match on the card that I’m not particularly sure about. It could go either way really, depending on the mood creative have the day before. I was leaning towards The Usos winning mainly due to the fact that The New Day don’t need the titles to be entertaining and they’ve held them a long time now. It’s probably time to freshen things up. However, New Day have been losing a lot on TV lately, which normally indicates winning on PPV. So it could go either way. Who The Usos would feud with afterwards though, I have no idea. Which also suggests New Day being victorious, but I honestly think it’s 50/50.

Winner: The New Day

Divas Championship – Charlotte (c) V Becky Lynch

20160112_light_rr_match_charlottebecky_homepageI only see one winner for this match up and that’s Charlotte. Yes it’s true that Becky Lynch has come along way in terms of character development in this feud/break up angle but a victory for her would negate all of the work they’ve put into the slow heel turn from Charlotte. I see Charlotte winning this match, she’ll most likely cheat to win to prove she’s the new dirtiest player in the game. That will continue for the next few matches and the fastlane PPV before losing (perhaps to Becky) at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Charlotte

Royal Rumble Match

royal-rumble-2016-logo.jpgAs much as the WWE likes to pretend that there are multiple favourites for winner of the Royal Rumble, there aren’t. For example. the League of Nations, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt all of these superstars and more don’t have a hope in hell. Just because you tell me Big Show is a favourite due to his size, I won’t believe you because I’m not an idiot. Sure, the League of Nations have two former winners amongst them, but it’s laughable to think they could do it again at this point in their careers.

No instead, much like last year, you only have two choices. This year it’s Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar. Granted Triple H is a huge favourite for bookies to win, but I’m trying to convince myself that WWE aren’t stupid enough to put the belt on him. So, anyway. Roman Reigns is entrant number one, so he’s either going to go all the way and bore us all to death doing so or he’s going to almost go all the way and bore us all to death doing so. As for Lesnar, he’s one of the few people who, on name value alone, is immediately a favourite to go all the way. Either way, these men are more than likely facing off in the main event of Wrestlemania for a second year in a row.

I’m sure somewhere someone is predicting Daniel Bryan, but give it up kid. The dream is dead.

Winner: Brock Lesnar, with Roman Reigns going close.