Ichrissy_park-174t seems like ever since Paramore broke onto the scene that every other pop punk band is focused around an attractive female singer. On the surface Against The Current, led by Chrissy Costanza, may appear to be just another one of those, but it’s not quite the case.

The comparison is bound to be made these days, however great a group are, so I might as well touch on it. Are Against The Current a Paramore clone? No. If anything their sound is closer to another female led pop punk outfit, We Are The In Crowd. The similarities might not be too surprising as ATC’s drummer and the bassist for WATIC are actually brothers.

What is different about this group is that they have a huge following on Youtube doing covers. They currently have over 1.3 million subscribers with the most watched video on their youtube channel, a cover of Taylor Swift’s Red, having close to 16 million views! That’s an impressive following for a band who are yet to release a full length LP.

Gravity is the second EP released by the band. It’s a follow up to the 2014 release Infinity. Simply, it sounds great. The songs are upbeat and exciting to listen too while the production quality is high as well.

The band are a little bit generic with their lyrical content and composing. You’ve probably all seen at least one band like this before in your life. We’re not talking about world changing tunes or anything. But what they do, they do it well and at the end of the day. That’s enough. Well worth a listen if this is your genre of preference.

Verdict: Thumbs Up