Raw this week was live in New Orleans. We’re edging closer to the Royal Rumble match, the World Heavyweight Title Royal Rumble match that is! We know the major stipulation for the PPV so it’s now WWE’s job to get us hyped and have us stay hyped for the start of the road to Wrestlemania. How did it go this week?

The Good

036_raw_01112016hm_0347-392277420Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose was a good physical fight. A solid opener for Raw between two guys a like. It ended in another double count out, a second in a row for Dean. I understand why you have double DQ’s and double count outs, it allows for a good match without harming either competitors momentum. I do think we see too many of them these day however.

Why didn’t Roman Reigns help his buddy Ambrose when Sheamus attacked him from behind? You were 15 feet away man and you did nothing!

God The New Day are fun. The reaction from Xavier Woods when Chris Jericho broke is trombone was hilarious. The Usos picked up a victory with that old classic the roll up pin, but get this. It actually looked like it was difficult to kick out of this time! That’s how it’s done people!

121_raw_01112016hm_0987-1409249082The new group formed of Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Adam Rose named the Social Outcasts cut an oddly humorous promo in which they showed zero fear for their upcoming match with The Wyatt Family. So far this group have been bizarrely, terribly but great. I love it. Give more people chance to entertain. Where’s Damien Sandow though? Surely he’s perfect for this group?

The US Title defense between Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto was a good match, with some great moves performed. Del Rio even missed his stupid double stomp in the corner, which is great because it’s the most convoluted move in history.

The main story here is that Kalisto won! He’s the new US Champion! WWE must be really high on him right now and to be honest I don’t blame them. I’m so glad his push didn’t end with Sin Cara’s injury. Fantastic to see a title change on Raw again, it keeps fans guessing and always freshens things up. Love it. Where does Del Rio go from here? Is this him being shuffled into place for a newly rearranged Wrestlemania card? We’ll find out.


tumblr_o0tpezclbq1rnjfjfo1_r1_400Oh how I missed Brock Lesnar. His presence alone immediately makes things seem more dangerous and legitimate. He’s the one man I’m happy to have destroy half the roster. He’s earned that right now. The way he’s been booked since Summerslam 2014 has been brilliant. A complete monster who will destroy anyone who gets in his way.

I wish they’d used more of him on the show. Instead we got a backstage promo from Paul Heyman trying to convince Stephanie and Vince to have the winner of the Royal Rumble match go against Lesnar in the main event of ‘Mania. It was okay, but nothing special.

How about having, a frustrated about not been given the Wrestlemania main event Brock Lesnar, bump into J&J Security backstage and instruct them to tell Seth Rollins that he hasn’t forgotten or forgiven him about how he stole his title at Wrestlemania. It could have been awesome!

The Bad

Another week, another opening promo. I’m starting to feel like a broken record here repeating the same things every single week. But I won’t stop until WWE start mixing up their booking strategy a little more. How many weeks in a row have we seen the same thing now? A combination of Triple H, Stephanie or Vince McMahon come down, talk endlessly. Are interrupted by Roman Reigns, who doesn’t ever have much to say, and then they cut to commercial. Boring.

Ryback is a selfish jerk who is only out for himself. He interrupted a match between The Wyatts and the Social Outcasts so he could get revenge on Bray Wyatt for last weeks attack on him. Here’s a better idea Ryback, why not call them out on your own time instead of ruining the no doubt soon to be victory for Heath Slater and the gang!


Last week I criticized Charlotte for her punches on Raw and her spear on Smackdown, This week it’s Becky Lynch who is under the hammer. Before a match between Brie Bella and Charlotte could get underway Becky came out and attacked Charlotte. Much like Ryback getting revenge for the attack on her last week on Smackdown. The punches she threw during that two minute roll around on the mat segment were atrocious, they were abysmal, they were shit. Not a single one looked like it connected, let alone hurt.


Ric Flair continues to steal the spot light and Charlotte’s heat every single week on Raw and Smackdown. He wasn’t as bad this week in my opinion as previous weeks, but is he really needed at all? I’d like to think not.


So a one vs all match is what exactly? At first i thought we were going to see a 1 vs 10 handicap match, but when the match started it was just a no DQ one on one match between Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.

Then I thought, oh it’s going to be like the ‘slobber knocker’ mode from the old Smackdown games. In which new opponents came out to fight you after each pin fall until you final lost. We didn’t get that either!

Towards the end of the match, Vince got frustrated and just sent in all of the heels to attack Roman Reigns. What the hell is going on here? Will someone please explain the rules!

Oh never mind Brock Lesnar is here to kill everyone.

The Ugly

Chris Jericho’s dress sense since he has returned. Need I say more?