stingjokerFirst of all, congratulations to Sting for his upcoming induction to the WWE Hall of Fame! He is a true legend of the industry and his WCW legacy will last for a long, long time. Hell, even some of his work in TNA was great. Joker Sting anybody? Not that WWE will mention that of course…

I think its fair to say that most wrestling fans over a certain age know who Sting is and the great matches and rivalries that he has had. His matches with Ric Flair immediately spring to mind but it was Sting’s complete reinvention of his image and character, in order to fight the good fight against the NWO that most people remember. That’s how it should be at least.

Except, there’s an entire generation of WWE fans who will only remember him as ‘that face painted old guy who lost to Triple H at Wrestlemania and then got injured in a match against Seth Rollins’.

stingtriplehwm31-645x370A place in the Hall of Fame was clearly always a strong reason for Sting eventually signing with the WWE and who can blame him. But wouldn’t it have been nice to give him one big win, one final moment to go out on? Rather than this?

Lets ignore his unfortunate injury he suffered in his match with Seth Rollins. Had that not happened, he was still booked to lose. Two big matches, two losses. Was that really the best WWE could do for Sting?

Why did Triple H need to go over at Wrestlemania? It seemed like an odd decision at the time, but with hindsight it looks even stranger! How can you book a man to lose his only match in the WWE and then give him a title shot? How can you have a man lose to a sledgehammer to the head, have him shake his opponents hand and then praise him months later? It just doesn’t make sense.

maxresdefault6WWE really missed a trick with Sting. Signing him was huge, despite his age. Yet they wasted it as we all knew they would. Even Sting himself thought they’d miss use him, that’s why he refused to sign for so many years!

Yes Sting deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame, he’s a true icon. A titan of WCW who created history, but his actual WWE run left a lot to be desired. It’s a damn shame.