“Some of us have to grow up sometimes…

…If I have to I’m going to leave you behind”

hayleywilliams1027kiisfm2014wangotango9bozva2gxstlYou could easily presume that this line is aimed directly at Josh and Zac, the Farro brothers, who quit the group in 2010. It wasn’t a particularly friendly departure. Alternatively it could be to indicate the change in Paramore’s sound with the release of this self-titled fourth album.

In a way, you could consider this a reboot record for now three-piece group. A lot of the songs talk about moving on and continuing to move forward despite setbacks. The lyrics obviously reference to the break up that almost ended the band while the music itself represents moving forward.

With the self-titled record Hayley Williams leads the three-piece more into the mainstream arena. The songs are definitely more pop than punk now. I’m sure some fans had a problem with this but in my opinion, when you create songs this catchy and fun. I don’t care what genre it is.

I loved the old sound and I loved the old records but without a doubt this is my favourite Paramore album to date. It’s just such a fun listen.

Verdict: Thumbs Up