slash-rexThat’s right. To the surprise of no one Guns N Roses are back together, well sort of. The problem is that they never actually broke up, all the key players just left Axl Rose to do his thing. It turned out his thing was basically be a bastardised cover band with him doing ever worse karaoke in front of.

Which means that this reunion, the return of Slash and Duff McKagan. Doesn’t carry the same weight it would have had the band been dormant. After all the name of Guns N Roses has long since been tarnished. The return of a top hat wearing legendary guitarist doesn’t make up for that.

I just have too many bad memories of Guns N Roses to get excited by this line up change. I saw Axl and the gang live at Reading Festival back in 2010. I can’t deny that musical, the musicians were on point. The songs sounded phenomenal but it still wasn’t Guns N Roses. They’d lost the magic. Maybe now they’ll start to get it back but I think it’s too late in honesty.

may20slashI’ve really been enjoying what Slash has been doing with Myles Kennedy, the Alter Bridge front man, and his band The Conspirators. Not only are they creating great original music but when they play live they cover the greatest hits of Guns N Roses anyway. Which feels far more natural and organic than what the actual band are doing. Myles Kennedy brings new life to the songs which when played are just a tip of the hat to the past, rather than the all out ego trip that was Axl Rose’s Guns N Roses.

Never the less, Guns N Roses are ‘back’ and they’re going to make ridiculous amount of money from it. Which is all fine really, I just hope that Slash returns to his Conspirators after they’re done.