It’s time for a Top 5 list. The internet loves those! Here are, in my humble opinion, the five best WWE or NXT themes currently in use. As you’ll see, I’m including wrestlers currently out with injuries as still active.

5. Sami Zayn

Starting the list off strongly with Sami Zayn. I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect song for him. This upbeat ska song suits his personality so well and what’s more is that the crowd love it too. Hearing the NXT crowd singing along is a joy to listen too, especially at the bigger events like Takeover: London.

4. Kevin Owens

A simple, hard hitting rock song for a man all about business. For a prize fighter like Owens it’s all about getting the job done. So this suits the character of Kevin Owen perfectly. In reality it’s a rather generic sounding rock song but its got a good hook and is pretty catchy. If you’re like me, if you hear it once then you’ll be singing it for hours afterwards.

3. Seth Rollins

When The Shield first split and Seth Rollins got his own theme song. I wasn’t so sure. Much like Kevin Owens this is very much the definition of generic hard rock/metal. Unlike Owens’ theme though it took me a while to get a feel for it.

I can tell you the exact moment I fell in love with this theme though. It had been growing on me for a while already but it became one of my favourites at Wrestlemania 31. I was there live in San Jose when Rollins’ cashed in his Money In The Bank contract and the second his music hit for the run in. It just worked. It was fantastic. Seeing him celebrate waving the title above his head with this song playing. Just excellent. A fantastic memory with a fantastic sound track.

2. Sheamus

You may not like Sheamus as a wrestler. More specifically you might not like his haircut. That’s all fine. You’re wrong about one thing though, he’s actually a good wrestler he’s just directionless right now. That short World Title run after months of being a comedy heel midcarder certainly didn’t do him any favours.

However, one thing we can all agree on is that his new theme song is awesome. I could listen to this all day!

1. Finn Bálor

It simply has to be this doesn’t it. There aren’t any songs even close to the theme used by Finn Bálor right now. It’s a major part of the phenomenal theatrics for Finn’s entrance. It has an epic aura on it’s own but paired with the lighting and choreography it’s simply amazing to watch and listen too.