Rosie Jones in FHM

2015 was not a good year for ‘lads’ magazines with Nuts closing in April, now Zoo and FHM have finished printing as well after plummeting sales.

It’s been years since the peaks of both magazines. Back in 2000 FHM was selling more than 700,000 copies a month while Zoo once sold 260,000 a week in 2005! In 2015 though, FHM’s circulation fell to less than 67,000, 20% less than in 2014. With Zoo now only selling just over 24,000 copies weekly. Quite the fall in readership.

I never really understood the point in ‘lads mags’. The articles inside were never really that interesting always aiming for the lowest common denominator. The mixture of sport, cars, TV shows and comedians inside could all be found elsewhere. Normally done better

Lucy Pinder in Nuts

as well. Let’s be serious for a moment though, there was only ever one reason someone would purchase a copy of Nuts, Zoo or FHM. The glamour models.

Now listen, I enjoy attractive women as much as the next heterosexual male. Some of the models that were featured in these magazines were stunningly beautiful. However, I’ve never quite understood why anyone would pay money for something they can get online for free. Yes, before the internet people bought magazines like Playboy to look at the women featured but in the modern era it’s pretty pointless. Now I don’t want to get into the topic of pornography which as we all know is also abundant on the internet. I want to stay on point about the glamour models and what they offer.

Realistically why buy a magazine when all of the pictures would find their way online within days anyway. Even the magazines on websites made the photoshoots available for everyone to access for free. Often with more content! Even worse, the models themselves post constant ‘selfies’ of themselves in their underwear on twitter and instagram. Once more reducing the need to even consider parting with money.

Emma Glover on social media

It just doesn’t make for a sound business strategy to give away your products for free and then try and charge money for that same product. Not many people, as the numbers have proven, are willing to partake. I’m actually amazed it’s taken this long for the magazines to close down all things considered.

That said, despite never having once purchased a single copy of any ‘lads mag’ the fact that they are all ending is kind of sad. Even if the main reason I’m saying that is because their existence really annoyed the political correctness brigade.