For some reason we only ever think about major changes to our lives at the start of a calendar year. Then after approximately 3 days we give up on them until the next year.

I’ve got some new years resolutions of my own and in an effort to make myself commit to them for more than 72 hours I thought I’d share them here to try and inspire myself not to be a massive quitter. Will it work? Hopefully but probably not. What do I want to change then?

Lose weight/start eating healthier food

The classic that pretty much everyone says about themselves. It’s very much a two for one idea. Junk food, takeaways, biscuits and cakes need to be replaced with healthy options. not completely. Strict diets often fail quicker and harder than simple lifestyle changes. Everything can be enjoyed in moderation after all.

I need to lose around 42 pounds, so three stone. How am I going to do that you ask? Swimming and cycling mostly. That combined with not eating as much rubbish should do wonders. My intention is to swim three or four miles each week, which translates to me going swimming three or four times. I also want to start cycling to work again. The route is roughly six miles long there and back. Sounds do able. It wont be an overnight miracle but if I can stick to it I should do okay.

Stop procrastinating

procrastinateLike most people I have a problem with procrastinating. Why do I put off the most simple tasks for hours when it would be more practically and helpful to myself if I just did them straight away? I constantly feel like a student who will do anything to avoid starting that essay due tomorrow. It needs to stop!

Get more quality sleep

sleep-is-goodI stay up late way too often. I’m talking 3/4am. Yes sometimes it’s to watch wrestling which is something I enjoy. However it’s starting to become a very bad habit. It either results in me being extremely tired during the next day or me wasting my days off by sleeping for the majority of them.

Read more

I love reading. I actually enjoy it more than playing video games, watching TV or going to the cinema. However 2015 was not a good year for books, yes I’ve read a lot of graphic novels. Mostly HellBoy if you’re interested but it’s time to start reading actual novels again and get back into the habit.

Have more fun

8vocv3jSounds pretty obvious doesn’t it? Well it’s actually been harder for me in 2015 than ever before. Unfortunately my work/life balance went to hell and opportunities to hang out with my friends and the people I love have been too few and far between. This is mainly down to my career which requires me working a lot of weekends and evenings.

It might be time for me to switch careers so that I can get my social life back a bit. After all I’d rather be broke and happy than rich and lonely. Not that my current job pays me that great anyway. Food for thought…