Raw this week came from Brooklyn, N. Y. Vince McMahon was promoted to be on this show, maybe in an attempt to boost those ratings again after another huge drop since his last appearance. Will it work? Will Triple H return from his injuries that he clearly wasn’t suffering from on NXT? Which Roman Reigns will show up? Who will actually be on the show considering half the roster is at a different live event?

Let us find the answers to all of these questions and more when I look at The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from Monday Night Raw.

The Good

tumblr_o03jdkaf6p1rnjfjfo1_r1_400WWE are nailing Kevin Owens right now, it’s great to watch. He’s getting TV time, character development and pulling off being a douchebag heel amazingly. This week he actually lost to Neville in 30 seconds! Embarrased he attacked after the match delivering a beat down that eventually lead to a huge clothesline! Dean Ambrose made the save which continued their story as well. The only negative was Ambrose doing his silly roll over the apron clothesline, that he almost messed up. I like Dean, I like the move. I just don’t want to see it four times a match.

tumblr_o03qp1onbi1rt044do1_r1_500After being chased off Owens came back after Dean’s tag match. Power-bombing him through the announce table. Brutal. The WWE aren’t getting that much right at the moment but they’re doing okay with this one, so far at least.

I feel like I say this every week and with good reason because you’ve got to love The New Day. Xavier Woods cuts a simple promo, indicating that he was challenging Sin Cara to a match to avenge the loss of Kofi Kingston. Only to swerve and say Big E was competing. Simple, but fun.

Welcome back John Cena. I see you haven’t missed a beat, still working the same gimmick for the last 10 years. That’s not boring at all. That said, at least you cut a better cheesey promo than Reigns. I don’t like your shtick John, but at least I respect you. You aren’t awful. Just stay away from the main event for a while longer please.

Also a quick shout out to that ref bump during the US title match. That guy flew across the ring!

While the entire Vince McMahon gets arrested angle was dumb and poorly done (more on that later). I will say that announcing Vince’s presence on Raw next week is a good idea. As is booking another world title match. Even if Sheamus doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning. Does anyone actually think he can win? No, because we’re not all that stupid.

The Bad

You can literally see the crowd bored during the opening promo between Vince McMahon and Roman Reigns. Roman spends his time listen to Vince waffle on and on pulling his smug faces. Meanwhile Stephanie is wailing annoyingly. The ‘police officers’ were, to put it bluntly, assholes. I actually started to feel bad for the McMahon’s during the segment. Bad writing with sub par acting with recycled plot points does not make must see television. The crowd agreed barely responding to any of it. Not a strong start.

The live crowd were dead for most of the night. Only ‘pooping’ a few times. Oddly two of those were for Zack Ryder and Heath Slater! Really you’ll pop for them but nothing else? Okay whatever.

During Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch we had another example of the commentators doing a terrible job. Banks won with a big handful of Becky’s tights. Did Michael Cole, JBL or Byron Saxton mention that clearly visible fact? Nope. They missed it entirely. Just do your jobs for once boys will ya?

We got another meaningless 3v3 tag team match. Ambrose and The Usos took on the League of Nations. A ‘classic’ match in which the result doesn’t matter so why should I care? It’s just recycle and repeat every single week at the moment. This time the League of Nations won, probably because Roman Reigns wasn’t there to kill them all again.

If you’d have switched out John Cena for Roman Reigns during the US Title match I honestly believe no one would have noticed. Same old nonsense, same old Cena. I’m really only making a point of this just to prove the point that Reigns really is Cena 2.0. If you get to the point when you can swapped them around in story lines and it wouldn’t make a difference to how they are told. Then to me, you have a problem. Whatever though.

During his match with Big E Sin Cara dislocated his shoulder. It’s terrible timing just when a push was starting to build for the Lucha Dragons. Amazingly he still managed to complete the match! That’s insane as he must have been in some real pain. Well done, you’ve earned my respect with that one. Heal up soon!

Roman Reigns destroys the League of Nations. I’m stuck in the middle of a problem here. I want Reigns to be an ass kicking fighting machine. One who talks as little as possible. Bye bye awkward smug promos!

tumblr_o03qfld2zb1rnjfjfo1_r1_400Then he sort of does that very thing against ‘The Nations’ and I’m just not feeling it. The problem I’m having is that while I want him to be a fighting machine but against, I guess, a threat? Which is the opposite of what they are. They are not a threat. He beats them up EVERY week. One on One, Two on One, etc etc. It almost seems unfair to put them against him. At one point does it become bullying?

The Ugly

That Miz TV segment was pretty awful. Firstly who thought it was a good idea to give Ryback a live microphone. That’s the only thing worse than giving one to Roman Reigns. Secondly who decided it would be funny for Ryback, dressed up in all of his own merchandise, to tell The Miz HE looks stupid. Have you looked in a mirror pal?

Everyone and their Nan ends up interrupting, including The Big Show. Yada yada blah blah blah KO punches etc. Show announces he’s in the rumble, maybe he’s the number one entrant. No one is quite sure, even the commentary team who have a God damn script. Not that it matters though. No one cares about Big Show any more.