At 23 years old Daisy Ridley has gone from almost completely unknown to huge international recognition in just a few year. That’s what happened when you are cast to be the female lead in the new Star Wars trilogy though! J. J. Abrams was trying to repeat the casting choices made by George Lucas in the original films by using lesser known stars and its worked perfectly.

Ridley, who plays Rey in The Force Awakens, is one of the best things about the film. She’s clearly a great actress and I’m amazed that she hasn’t been more involved in the industry already. She’s clever, funny and endearing. She can even hold her own in action sequences which can be failing of even the most experienced actors. Instead the character of Rey grows into her role as she learns becoming more confident. It feels very natural.

I’m really looking forward to her characters story arc in the new films and that is solely down to her performance. In fact, I’m just really looking forward to seeing more of her in films in general.

A bit of trivia for you now. For anyone who is a fan of the original Dad’s Army television show from the 70’s then you’ll know who Private Godfrey, the gentle platoon medic, is. Well Private Godfrey was played by Arnold Ridley, Daisy’s great uncle! Small world isn’t it?