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So here is it. The most hyped movie in the universe. The start of a new trilogy for Star Wars. The question is, will it be good or will it follow the path to the dark side like the prequels did?

I tried to stay as far away from spoilers, trailers and reviews as possible for this one. That’s my preferred way of watching a film, almost going in blind. I’ll watch a teaser trailer, but that’s all I want or need. It does help however that Star Wars has enough name value to sell itself anyway.

I’ll admit I am no Star Wars fan boy, although I have sat down and watched all seven films in a row before. Yes that includes the animated Clone Wars film that links to the TV show of the same name. I’ll be honest with you in my opinion Return of the Jedi is a bad movie, perhaps even on par with The Phantom Menace. I think the acting in all of movies is mostly atrocious and that my favourite thing about all of the movies is Ewan McGregor’s increasingly sassy Obi Wan Kenobi.

The big question of course is this: Is it better than the prequels? Yes. Yes it is. Immediately you can tell this movie has more heart the the CGI bore show that was Episodes 1, 2 and 3. Of course there is CGI in this movie but that’s to be expected. What’s great is the use of actual locations and sets it’s just so much nicer to watch characters actually interact with their surroundings rather than stare off blankly at a green wall.

The film does a good job introducing new characters but some don’t get enough back story or it’s only hinted at. Which is a little frustrating I’ll admit but I look forward to seeing them develop over the next two movies.

All in all its a fun ride that take Star Wards back towards the original trilogy. It’s light hearted in places with some genuine laughs but serious when it needs to be. Also J.J Abrams knows how to direct an action scene!

Verdict: Thumbs Up

Let’s be honest, you’ve already decided on whether or not you’re seeing this movie. It’s just a matter of when. So to you I say, hurry up and go see it quickly so we can all have a bloody good gossip about will ya?!