Raw this week was live from Minneapolis and it was the Slammy Awards. I’ve covered my views on some of the winners HERE if you want to read them. This Raw Talk will be focusing on the rest of Raw. The part that wasn’t pretending to be a cross between The Oscars and the MTV Teen Choice awards. LOL moment of the year? Really? Shut up WWE.

Last week we had a pretty good Raw. The ratings went up and everyone seemed pretty happy with it. Let’s see how well WWE can follow that up. Well to be honest, it looks like the creative team for Raw just slipped back into their old ways. Repetitive matches, segments and endings. Disappointing to be honest. Oh well, let’s look at the good, the bad and the ugly from Raw.

The Good

tumblr_nzrosp8q9a1sbzhteo1_400So let’s be honest. Kevin Owens should have won the Slammy for Breakout Star of the Year right? Okay good, now that we’re in agreement we can move on. So he might have lost to Neville but he did come and out and cut another good promo. During which he insulted Dolph Ziggler calling him a has been and so a fight breaks out. This results in a match, which Owens wins! Once again he talks the talk and walks the walk. So Ziggler is a has been after all I guess.

The reason that this is a good thing isn’t just because I like Kevin Owens, although I’ll admit I do. The reason why its good is because it is maintaining his momentum after losing the Intercontinental Title to Dean Ambrose. I was concerned he’d fall of the map a little bit.

Another positive is I think they’re building up to a resurgence for Dolph Ziggler. His failures have been mentioned a little too often for it to be a coincidence. Will 2016 finally be Ziggler’s year? Probably not, but it would be awesome. Just give me a reason to care about him again please!

tumblr_nzqhrtd1om1tzogbdo1_500Somehow The Uso’s were voted as Tag Team of the Year. No idea how to be honest but it doesn’t matter. We all know it truly belongs to The New Day. Anyway, The Uso’s and The New Day had an entertaining 2V3 tag team match. Anything with the The New Day is entertaining though to be honest. Jimmy and Jay picked up the win and so the TV losing streak of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods continues. That however, is not a good thing.

Early Royal Rumble prediction. we’ll get another tag team triple threat match again and The Uso’s will win. Lucha Dragons deserve if after TLC, but they won’t get a push this side of Wrestlemania.

091_raw_12212015ca_1261-144969486Seth Rollins won Superstar of the Year. A deserved winner! He cut a nice little promo staying as his heel character. God I miss him so much. However, I don’t want to see him back again until he is healed up and ready to go. I’m hoping for a Triple H 2002 return pop when he does. With probably a face turn coming as well.

The League of Nations looked strong. Which is great for all of those involved. Del Rio beat Jack Swagger AGAIN while Rusev beat Neville. Brogue kicks for both of them from Sheamus afterwards. Then later on before the main event they did a quick beat down on The Uso’s as well so that they couldn’t help Dean Ambrose. More brogue kicks all around, just to be safe. However, nothing lasts forever and we’ll get to that later.

tumblr_nzqs0o38j31s8dwjeo1_400There is no way in a million years Roman Reigns could do this chair throw again. What a fantastic shot! The crowd popped for it as well which was hilarious. Just look at how it bounces back up, its brilliant.

The Bad

They only went and let Roman Reigns talk again didn’t they? He is either terrible on the microphone or whoever is telling him what to do is an idiot. Probably both to be honest.

Why don’t they just keep him silent? He gets huge pops when he goes into murdering mode but then he opens his mouth and I just want to change the channel! Now in fairness he was getting cheered for what he was doing. I just can’t stand it however. To me he comes off as a stereotypical smug jock prick. Who thinks he’s so clever and so cool. I guarantee if they kept his talking to a minimum and got him to cut out the super smug look on his face. He would have been over months ago. Instead I just can’t stand him. The smug bastard.

212_hiac_10252015ej_3257-1975238235Brock Lesnar won a Slammy Award but like most of the winners, he didn’t show up to murder anyone. Damn shame! Made worse by the fact that he wrestled on a none Network Special house show over the weekend. Talk about wasting his limited dates guys! What are you doing?! Instead we got Paul Heyman and while I’m not complaining about that. It would have been an early Christmas present to see Lesnar kill someone again.

More of the same…

The next two problems are in a similar vein.

Firstly we have a match between Kane and Bray Wyatt. A little strange considering their feud ended a while ago but whatever because before you even get a chance to think about it. The match is thrown out due to Wyatt family interference.

The Dudley Boys and Tommy Dreamer make the save without Rhyno who I guess is taking all the blame for them losing twice in a row and has been kicked out? I’m only guessing as it wasn’t mentioned at all. Then I guess Teddy Long, tag team fans favourite GM, came out during the break to make another 4 on 4 tag team match! How original! Never seen before television here people!

Finally to make it even more pointless. The Wyatt’s win again anyway!

Brie Bella Vs Becky Lynch for what feels like the millionth time this month. Please stop showing us the same matches over and over again! It’s so dull! Over exposure to the same product is killing feuds and killing potential stars. I won’t get into my whole make Raw two hours again rant as I don’t feel it’s needed but you can see what I mean.

If we can see a match two or three times a month on Raw and Smackdown for free why would people buy the PPV’s or purchase the network?

It’s just all so predictable. Give me a reason to tune in each week. I can tell you for free that doing the same damn thing every time is not cutting it!

The Quick Fire Nitpicking Round

Ric Flair is on TV yet again.

While Neville was going for The Red Arrow, Rusev rolled out of the way. Sensing the moment was gone Neville delayed jumping. Smart man! But when he did jump. He simply jumped half way across the ring and landed on his feet a metre in front of Rusev. Who then simply kicked him in the face and put him in The Accolade for the victory. What move were you trying to do Neville?

Sheamus cost himself the victory by head butting Dean Ambrose while they hung off the side of it. This caused Dean to fall, hit the floor and thus win the match. You beat yourself Sheamus you big dumb idiot! Roman Reigns then gave him a spear for good measure.

The Ugly

Jack Swagger as a babyface is not working. The fans do not care about him. Sure they love the ‘We The People’ chant, but fans love chants no matter what they are. It’s not like WWE have given us a reason to care either. He’s barely on TV, hasn’t had a meaningful feud in years and to be honest. He’s pretty boring. It doesn’t make for great entertainment.

Why I am supposed to care about Roman Reigns? He’s proven time and time again that the League of Jobbers Nations are not a threat to him. He can’t beat them up at will. One on One, Two on One, Three on One. Hell on Smackdown he beat all four of them! If he’s not in danger, then he doesn’t need me to cheer for him. He’s book as an undefeatable smug machine and I can’t stand it.