Steam_WorkshopMini Metro is a transport strategy simulation game developed by Dinosaur Polo Club for Windows, OS X and Linux. The objective of the game is to create an efficient subway network for a rapidly growing city.

It’s a simple yet addictive play as you are tasked with getting commuters to their correct station. Passengers are represented by shapes and their destination station matches them. Square to square etc. Drawing lines between stations connects them but you have to keep your lines efficient and effective as new stations open. You only have limited resources to work with but can choose between different perks at the end of each week. Such as an extra train line, tunnels/bridges or train carriages.

Mini Metro has an elegant, albeit minimal graphic style. Think London underground map, its a style that they’ve done perfectly. Not only does it look great but it helps you concentrate later in the game when your city really starts to get busy.

There are multiple cities available for you to play in such as London, Paris, New York, St Petersburg and many more. Each city obviously has a unique layout which means you have to play the map differently. For example some will require you to use more bridges and tunnels. Meaning that you focus on getting those with your end of week choices. While some cities also have their own train types and sizes which will affect the way you design your subway.

In short Mini Metro is an extremely addictive yet simple game. It’s something you think you’ll pick up for 20 minutes and then move onto something else. Yet there you are still playing it three hours later trying to beat your high score.

Verdict: Thumbs Up