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Whenever Casey touches a lapel pin with the letter T on it, she finds herself transported to a strange world, a city filled with huge robots and sleek buildings. She recruits the help of scientist Frank Walker, a previous visitor, to take her there.

I really enjoyed some parts of this movie but I really hated large chunks of it. Firstly the idea of a world in a parallel world where the brightest minds from all of history go to work together to make a better future. That’s a cool idea.

maxresdefault-97The first problem is that Casey Newton played by Britt Robertson is just a really annoying character to watch. Her attitude grated heavily on me throughout and made it impossible for me to cheer for her. When you have an annoying main protagonist then you have a problem. George Clooney however is good in the film as Frank Walker. He’s got an interesting character who has by far the most depth given to him. Which is probably why you care about him as opposed to all of the other characters who are very much two dimensional.

Hugh Laurie
is also in this film which is great as he’s a brilliant actor and should be in more films. Yet he’s the main ‘villain’ but he’s not really a bad guy he’s just doing what he thinks it right. So far you’ve given me an annoying protagonist a semi-justified antagonist. How am I meant to hate him?

TOMORROWLANDTomorrowland also teases you with some really cool henchmen who are chasing Frank and Casey. They’re robots in suits who constantly wear the cheesiest grins you could imagine. I think they’re in a total of three scenes before they disappear before the third act. Disappointing! If they’d had stayed around for the climax and maybe been revealed to be the true villains I would have been all for it.

Another of the main problems for the movie is that you’re watching and stuff is happening and that’s cool. Sure Casey is annoying but whatever. Some other things occur. Cool. Then suddenly it’s the ‘climatic’ finish and the films over. Oh…nothing really happened here did it?

Lou Lumenick of the New York Post said at the time that “The film never adds up to the sum of its parts, effectively a two-hour trailer for a movie I’d still be interested in seeing.” He’s completely right. This film just had so much potential but completely failed to deliver.

Verdict: Thumbs Down!