The Winery Dogs are an American rock supergroup formed of Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob), Billy Sheehan (Mr Big, UFO, Steve Vai) and Richie Kotzen (Poison, Mr Big). Having formed in 2012 they released their debut self-titled album in 2013 which was fantastic. Two years we have Hot Streak as the follow up how will it do?

Let’s start with the band, can you name a more talented group than this? Firstly you have drumming maestro Mike Portnoy who has moved from project to project after leaving Dream Theater. He seems happy with this group though. Portnoy is one of, if not, my favourite drummer ever. His grooves. His chops. All excellent.

Then you have Billy Sheehan, just a phenomenal bassist. Truly one a kind and should be ranked highly on any list that involves any of the words ‘bassist, ever or greatest’. 

Last but not least you have Richie Kotzen not only a brilliant guitarist but he’s also equipped with one hell of a voice! He’s often compared to Chris Cornell for obvious reasons and thats a pretty good compliment when you think about it.

So what do The Winery Dogs provided us with Hot Streak? The answer is tasty harmonies, amazing guitar work, power-packed drumming, melodic songs and creative grooves that maintain a great energy throughout.They combine jazz, funk and soul with old school rock to build some truly great songs.

Some of the songs on the album stand out as instantly likeable while others take a couple of listens to appreciate the little details that built them. After those first few listens though everyone one of those songs is a classic with its own traits and personality.

If you like rock music, give this (and their debut) a listen. You won’t regret it!