Good Lord I am looking forward to this one! Not only because the NXT Takeover events are normally fantastic but also because I’m watching it live from Wembley Arena! This isn’t my first NXT rodeo either. I was one of the 5,000 present in San Jose over Wrestlemania weekend earlier this year. It was an amazing show and the crowd loved everything about it. I think it was that show that gave WWE the confidence to run the Brooklyn event and now the London one as well. What I’m trying to say is you’re welcome everybody.

So onto the predictions!

NXT Championship Match
Finn Bálor (c) vs. Samoa Joe

How things have changed since the last NXT Takeover event. At Respect we saw Finn Bálor and Samoa Joe win the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic together. But after general manager William Regal denied Joe a one on one opportunity for the NXT Title and he didn’t win the resulting number one contenders battle royal. Samoa Joe has become a self-entitled veteran who turned on his former friend in order to get the chance he feels he rightfully deserves.

Samoa Joe has been getting the better of Finn Bálor on a weekly basis, often leaving him unconscious while he stands over him. At Takeover I expect Bálor to take the fight back to Joe and not only get even with him but to walkout still our NXT Champion.

Winner: Finn Bálor

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Bayley (c) vs. Nia Jax

After a busy few weeks defending her Title against Alexa Bliss and avoiding a very corporate screw job with Eva Marie. Time might be up for the Bayley fairytale.

After Bayley’s match with Eva Marie, Nia Jax made a statement by crushing her with two huge leg drops. Later when asked if she was ready to defend her title against Jax, Bayley said she was more than willing. However just seconds later the NXT Women’s Champion was thrown through a door. Were you ready for that though?

Some odds you can’t overcome Bayley. Sorry about that.

Side note: Did you know that Nia Jax is The Rock’s cousin? I had no idea! They haven’t mentioned it once!*end sarcasm*

Winner: Nia Jax

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
Dash & Dawson (c) vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

Crowd favourites Enzo and Big Cas get another shot at Tag Team gold when they take on recently crowned champions Dash & Dawson. The Champions have been on quite a roll as of late. They were impressive during the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and recently defeated The VaudeVillains and won the rematch to win the Titles.

Amore & Cassady already knows what it means to defeat Dash & Dawson as they did just that in late October so it’s certainly a possibility for them to get another victory at Takeover. Plus Enzo and Cas have revenge on their mind as it was an attack by Dash & Dawson that kept Cassady out for a month with injuries. It was while Cassady recuperated that Dash & Dawson actually won the Tag Team Titles.

Interference from The Vaudevillains might be possible as they teasing a heel turn but overall I don’t think Enzo and Cas are ready to win the big one just yet. But when they do and they will eventually. I will be delighted because you CAN’T. TEACH. THAT.

Winners: Dash & Dawnson

Asuka vs. Emma

This match is part of the on going feud between Asuka and Emma/Dana Brooke. At the last Takeover event it was Dana who was on the end of a submission masterclass and merciless beating. Now it’s Emma’s turn. Shouldn’t have picked this fight girls. Asuka is crazy!

Side note: I just wanted to say that I am very much enjoying this heel run from Emma. She needed to reinvent herself after the disappointments of the main roster and I think she’s doing a good job of that so far.

Winner: Asuka

Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin

This one all started back with the number one contenders battle royal. Apollo Crews won it via eliminating Baron Corbin. Corbin then interfered in the NXT Title match costing Crews his chance.

This is a tough decision. On one hand Apollo Crews is on an absolute tear right now. He’s basically undefeated. Yet on the flip side Baron Corbin lost his last feud with Samoa Joe so he needs a victory to get his momentum back.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Also, Sami Zayn is back! The crowd are going to blow the roof off Wembley Arena when he comes out. Can’t freaking wait!

My full review of NXT Takeover London will be up on Friday.