Paramore are starting to run out of members again. Back in 2010 when the Farro brothers left it seemed like it was the end Hayley Williams and the gang but they fought on and continued as a 3-piece. Taylor York on guitar, Jeremy Davis on bass and Williams as the frontman.

In 2013 they released their self-titled album. The album was a change in style for the group featuring songs like ‘Now’, ‘Still Into You’ and ‘Ain’t It Fun’. It quickly became my favourite LP that they’d produced.

It was always weird thinking about them as a 3-piece though. Whenever you saw live footage they always had 3 or 4 touring musicians. They still felt incomplete when describe as only the three of them.

originalHowever now Jeremy Davis has also departed from the project leaving just Hayley Williams as the solo founding member. Taylor York remains and the group are going to continue as a two-piece?

No I say. Not as a two-piece, it’s time for some new members. Actual members at that, not just touring musicians. Paramore needs to become a complete band once more! Otherwise Paramore might as well be renamed as the Hayley Williams solo project after all.

Then and only then might we get the new album that I was hoping for next year. So to help the process move along quickly I’ve got a starting suggestion for a member. Ilan Rubin. An extremely talented multi-instrumentalist the band are already familiar with his work as he has actually already been one of their touring drummers!

You can watch his work with the band below as he dominates the drums for ‘Now’ during the 2013 tour over in Asia and Australia. The man is an absolute beast!