tumblr_nzdxcl8llk1unu9zio4_400Opinion of Roman Reigns (as a singles competitor) has got to be at an all time high right now. Two big nights in a row for him have turned fans around. They booed him when he won the title at Survivor Series but they were chanting “Thank you Roman” at the end of TLC and they were definitely cheering for him when he won the World Title last night on Raw. It’s been quite the turn around, can WWE keep it up? We’ll see.

Now I’m admittedly not a fan of Roman Reigns, I loved him in The Shield but I think his singles run has been poorly booked to say the least. His character has some flaws for example: He can’t cut a promo, he’s overly smug and he’s practically unbeatable. And I know that people will agree with me on this. However, I don’t have a secret agenda agains’t Roman. I want to like him and I’d quite happily cheer for him if he didn’t come across as such a douche.

Well, I’ve got a few ideas that I think might help.

Lose the smugness.

Looking smug is not a good thing. When someone says that you look smug its normally an insult. Being smug makes you look like a bit of a dick. Looking confident however is another thing entirely, confident is good. Stone Cold and The Rock oozed confidence and charisma. They didn’t walk around looking like smug bastards!

Promo work

Even the biggest Reigns fans will admit that his mic work is on the weak side. His deliveries aren’t particularly convincing and portraying emotion is difficult for him. Unless you count smug as an emotion? It isn’t helped by the fact that over the year he has been given some of the worst ever lines to say. Tater tots? Really guys?

There are three ways to improve his promo work:

  1. Don’t talk too much. Keep yourself as a silent and destructive fighting machine that won’t take crap from anybody. When he does speak keep it short and simple. Actions speak louder than words after all.
  2. Do more sit down interviews that can be edited and perfected to get the best out of him. You know who else isn’t the greatest talker? Brock Lesnar, but give him a sit down interview and he looks great.

Let him be violent and ruthless

As I said with the promos actions speak louder than words. Book Reigns as one tough mother trucker who can not only take a beating but is violent and ruthless. Stone Cold could take an ass whooping but he could also deal one out as well. Same with Triple H.

tumblr_nz1t6krpkq1sbzhteo1_400In many ways WWE are already working towards this. However they might have gone to far in the opposite direction. Yes you want a bad ass face to be able to beat people up and to be able to take a beating, but you don’t want him to be indestructible. I said this in Raw Talk , Reigns is being built into some kind of Superman like character. Unbeatable, untouchable, invulnerable and invincible.

You can’t ask fans to care about someone if they are never in any danger. You know Superman can win any fight just like you know Wolverine will always heal and fight on. It takes away the tension after all why should I care for the well being of a man who can overcome literally any odds? Besides, that’s Cena’s gimmick right?

In other words, be a badass but still be human. For example, don’t book him to win a 4-1 handicap match agains’t The League of Nations…

More lone wolf, less family

tumblr_nzc67xmxcf1rk6hmwo1_500In addition to what I’ve said about cutting fewer promos and being more ruthless I want WWE to really push a lone wolf angle for Reigns. I want him to be a one man wrecking ball who comes in does whats right and then leaves. Right now he has his ‘Family’ of Ambrose and The Usos, a stable that was only put together in order to feud with The League of Nations.

His ‘Family’ didn’t even come out and help him at TLC when The League of Nations were attacking him. What good are they? In the end he did it all alone anyway so whats the point?

It also lets Dean Ambrose finally be his own man again as well, instead of always being stuck in Reigns’ shadow in the ‘best buddy, old pal’ role.

Don’t wrestle on every show

A big problem that WWE superstars are suffering from right now is over exposure. Simply put they wrestle too many matches a week on TV and PPV. Why is Brock Lesnar wrestling such a big deal? Because its rare! Making it must see.

But for Reigns (and most of the roster) they are seen on every Raw and every Smackdown. In ring promos, backstage segments, singles matches, tag team matches. It’s just all too much. WWE need to make there big stars a special attraction. I’m not saying don’t have Roman show up on Raw or anything, just don’t wrestle every week. Otherwise we end up seeing the same matches, move sets and finishers. They lose that special something.

You need to have your big stars on often, they can’t all be Brock Lesnar for obvious reasons. However why not have a Raw where Reigns doesn’t have a match, but just randomly comes out and wrecks shop on some heels about to beat up a baby face and then disappear again?

Move away from The Shield gimmick

tumblr_noizuyclfv1unu9zio1_400A major gripe I’ve had with Roman during his singles career is his look. He never moved on from The Shield. While Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins’ characters evolved and developed into something new, Reigns has stayed the same. He has the same music and he wears the same ring gear (I know they are both slightly different, but not really) He’s stale. It’s as if WWE thought he wouldn’t get over being his own man so he’s left looking like a man stuck in the past.

How weird was it when he and Ambrose came out to ‘his’ music a month or so ago? It was like The Shield lite. Plus, when The Shield eventually reform you’ve lost the immediate “Oh shit! It’s The Shield moment!” because everyone will just think it’s Roman Reigns. Magic lost. Moment ruined.

vmupnheOh also, if he could knock off that ridiculous expression he pulls when hyping himself up for a spear. That would be just great. Even though, that gif is pretty funny…

What do you think of my list? Anything I’ve missed? or am I completely off base with this one?