Best Raw of the year? That’s what a lot of people are saying. If that’s the case then we must have either really low standards or really shitty Raws. I think it actually both. I’ve spent much of the day reading peoples thoughts on twitter and around the internet. Am I the only one who sees the flaws here?!

Now don’t get me wrong. There were some very good points that happened last night but there is still a lot of work to be done to fix what is still a broken product.

Lets take a look at the good, bad and the ugly from last nights Raw.

The Good

tumblr_nzdxcl8llk1unu9zio4_400Right lets get straight to it, the main talking point about Raw. Roman Reigns is World Heavyweight Champion! Have WWE actually gotten Roman Reigns over? He’s definitely getting a better crowd reaction than he was two months ago no doubt about it. It’s amazing think that earlier in the year at the Royal Rumble this Philly crowd took a massive dump on Reigns when he won. They even booed The Rock! Last night however, they erupted when Roman won the belt. All it took was two nights in a row of him beating up his bosses and people start to like him. Amazing. There’s two sides to every story so we’ll come back to this later.

Great booking in the main event to try and stack the deck against Reigns. It only made the crowd cheer louder when he finally did it. Where this leaves Sheamus though is another matter, for another time.


tumblr_nzdu2ki0t71saykaxo1_400It was great to see Vince McMahon again, he has a presence about him that just make everything seem that much more legitimate. The really highlight though was that we actually saw a World Title change on Raw again! I can’t even remember the last time we saw that. It was fresh, unpredictable and exciting. Exactly what WWE needed right now.

We also saw blood on Raw! Now intentional or not it was great to see the match continue without a timeout so that the doctor can clean someone up. It really ruins the flow of a match for that to happen. Also, they’re meant to be fighting. Blood happens in fights, so seeing it makes it feel more real. I don’t want it every week mind, just every so often to add something to a match or storyline.

I was a pretty tired and admittedly rather salty last night while I was watching the extreme rules match between The Wyatts and The Dudleys, Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer. At the time I said that the extreme stood for extremely boring. Rather harsh. However after watching it again today I take that back. It was a good match and a million times better than what they served up at TLC. I wonder if they ask Vince for a chance for redemption or if he demanded a better match out of them? Either way, we got it! Eric Rowan of all people picked up the victory in the end, which was a surprising turn around from the previous night.

tumblr_nzdmbg1e3x1saykaxo1_400Kevin Owens came out and made a statement. Frustrated about losing his Intercontinental Title he interrupted a match between Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. It was a good match so on the one hand it is annoying to not see an ending. But the positive is that Kevin Owens was given a chance to do something after losing his title. WWE didn’t give him a fair shot with a title run so I’m still concerned that they don’t have a clue what to do with him. This attack eased my mind just a little as Owens is still in the title picture for now at least.

The Bad

There was a lot of good involving Roman Reigns on Raw, but he is by no means the finished article. He just can’t cut a good promo. He comes across as smug and overall is rather irritating. I know this is personal preference for the most part, but its one of the key reasons that people couldn’t get behind him before and it hasn’t been fixed!

Stephanie McMahon opened the show with a decent promo before being interrupted just as it seemed she was about to fire him. I would have had him come out and remained a silent killer. A man with no remorse for last night and a mentality that he would do it again and again if he needed to. He’s had enough and he’s not taking it anymore. Instead he opened his mouth and instantly killed the mood.

People will cheer him while he feuds with The Authority and Vince McMahon because they can be great heels and always get a reaction from the crowd. To me however he is still the annoying John Cena 2.0 that I can’t stand and I think people will remember that at some point down the line.

After Raw Reigns celebrated with ‘The Family‘. Where were they at TLC when The League of Nations attacked? They left him high and dry. Family are meant to be there when you need them Roman, not just during the good times.

WWE are continuing the waste Tyler Breeze. On Raw he got the jobber entrance and then lost to Neville in a meaningless match up that focused more on The Miz than anyone else. If the WWE didn’t have plans for him then they should have left him on NXT where he can at least showcase his talent.

Becky Lynch is the most gullible person in the world. She looks like an absolute idiot at the moment. I know its adding to the continued heel turn of Charlotte and eventual falling out between the two but do you need to have your faces look so stupid?

Ric Flair continues to be everywhere. Can the WWE really not get Charlotte over as a heel without him? Is he adding to the show or is he actually stealing the spotlight?

We had a cool moment for the tag team division when The New Day invited The Usos and the Lucha Dragons down to the ring to congratulate them on putting on such a great match at TLC. Match of the night no doubt about it! At first The Usos and Lucha Dragons aren’t convinced but eventually begrudgingly they all shake hands. After they leave The New Day begin their own celebration, in their very obnoxious manner. The crowd are digging it.

tumblr_nzdrw8olp81saykaxo1_400And then WWE’s inability to book faces rears its ugly head once again. With The New Day celebrating in the ring the ‘faces’ run back down the ramp and attack them. The good guys attacked the bad guys for celebrating. Once more. The GOOD GUYS attacked the BAD GUYS for being happy that they are still the champions. Talk about sour grapes. I’ll remind you, The New Day didn’t cheat to win at TLC, it was a no DQ match so anything goes!

Rightly the crowd booed while Cole and Saxton tried to justify the assault to JBL. They failed. WWE creative really need to figure out what makes fans tick when it comes to faces and heels again. They just don’t seem to grasp it, consistently booking faces to be bland assholes and acting confused when people cheer the actually entertaining heels.

The Ugly

tumblr_n72f3eqw541qdcjd4o1_500What is the point of The League of Nations? Wade Barrett doesn’t even make it onto the show, no mention of his absence. Seriously where is he? While the rest of the group all get beaten up and humiliated by Roman Reigns. At no point has the FOUR man group seemed like a legit threat to Samoan Superman. I’m not using that name to praise him either. One of the main problems with the Superman character is that he has too many powers and is basically unbeatable. So all of the tension is removed. Which is story telling is a huge negative!

I guess its back to the midcard for all of them? Or in Barrett’s case back to…nowhere? Not important enough to mention I guess. WHERE IS HE WWE?!