Tables, Ladders and Chairs started off hot with a fantastic tag team ladder match. Some brilliant spots from the Lucha Dragons in particular. Then it dipped in the middle with some necessary match results to get storylines and plot changes over, but at the same time pretty boring. It picked up for the main event with a brutal TLC match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Before I start I just want to smugly remind everyone that I almost got a perfect score with my predictions, only getting the Intercontinental Title match wrong. Not that I’m bragging as it was pretty predictable. Anyway, lets go through it!

Tag Title Ladder Match – Winners: New Day

tumblr_nzcul4sxga1sbzhteo1_400tumblr_nzcuyytq8r1sbzhteo1_400I thought before the PPV that this would likely be the match of the night. I was right. This match was a great combination of comedy from the New Day, great ladder spots (though you have to expect that anytime Kofi Kingston is near on) and high intensity.

Stole the show with two incredible spots though, firstly he gets an assist from Sin Cara to splash an Uso. Pretty cool, but it gets better! Kalisto then performed his signature Salina Del Sol move off the top of a ladder onto another ladder that broke in half!

But it was New Day who came away with the victory. Just as it looked like it truly was Kalisto’s night as he began to ascend the ladder to grab the title. Xavier Woods left the commentary table and threw his trombone at Kalisto. Kofi then came back into grab the titles.

It was the perfect end to a great match. New Day came away looking like sneaky heel bastards who stole a win! Using a trombone! The bastards! But more importantly the Lucha Dragons really stepped it up last night. They were impressive!

Alberto Del Rio Vs Jack Swagger – Winner: Del Rio

Let’s be honest. WWE didn’t care enough about this match to even pretend to keep their storyline going. So why should I care? Chairs matches are the dumbest things in modern WWE (other than the stairs match) as WWE don’t allow head shot anymore. It’s not that I’m desperate to see people hit in the head, it just looks really weird with them always hitting each other on the back.

Also can someone explain the rules to me. Only chairs are legal right? Yet rope breaks are off as well. So it’s a no DQ match? But if you used say, a trash can lid that would result in a DQ as only chairs are legal?

What the hell?!

Rusev Vs Ryback – Winner: Rusev

tumblr_nzcxtzv9zm1sbzhteo1_400A pretty boring match in honesty but with a necessary storyline outcome. Rusev and Lana need to be booked well over the next few months to allow them to rebuild their brand back into something meaningful. A lot of damage was done to them during their ‘split’ but things are already starting to look better for the both of them.

The Wyatts Vs The Dudley’s, Rhyno and Dreamer – Winner: The Wyatts

What a waste of a match. Why bring Rhyno back only to do nothing? Why have Rowan the only Wyatt eliminated? Pitch a clean sweep and they’d look truly dominate right?

The problem is that this match promised something it couldn’t deliver. It teased ECW violence but you can’t have that on PG WWE anymore. So it was a nonstarter with some really wet eliminations. The only positive is that it gave The Wyatts a much needed victory.


Charlotte Vs Paige Divas Title – Winner: Charlotte

The curious case of the continuing double turn. An opening promo before the match clearly set up Paige as the heel but it was Charlotte who wrestled like one. It was an okay match with Ric Flair (Why is he everywhere?!) interfering on his daughters behalf a few times. It also featured the first removed turnbuckle padding spot that I can remember for years. So that was pretty neat.

The most interesting thing about the Charlotte Paige feud is that Charlotte is alienating her best friend with her new found cheating ways. It’s the first actual storyline of the revolution as well. Other than the obligatory ‘You have a belt, I want a belt’ routine.

Dean Ambrose Vs Kevin Owens IC Title – Winner: Dean Ambrose

This was the only prediction I got wrong all night. Genuinely didn’t expect Kevin Owens to lose. The crowd loved it though.

tumblr_nzbvy1aigh1saykaxo3_400It was a good match as you’d expect that ended with a reversal of the pop up powerbomb into a roll up pin. I’m glad that Ambrose has finally won another singles title. It gives him some purpose after being shuffled up and down the card for the past year. Kayfabe wise though, Dean almost won the WWE Title last month at Survivor Series. Why would he settle for the IC Title?

The problem I have with this outcome is that I’m concerned with how Kevin Owens is being booked. Every time it looks like he is starting to build up to something he gets cut down way too soon. It happen agains’t John Cena and it’s happened with his Title run. After all Owens has only held it for a few months. He feuded with Ryback to win it, defended it. Was then part of the Survivor Series tournament so didn’t have a feud and now it’s over. Awkward.

He is so good at everything he does, but it feels like he is being wasted. Hopefully the loss was just so he could move onto bigger and better things. Brock Lesnar perhaps? That’s what some rumours say. I doubt it though.

Sheamus Vs Roman Reigns World Title TLC Match – Winner: Sheamus

What a brutal main event. Those guys were legit hurting each other in an attempt to get over with the crowd. It sort of work. In the end.

For the majority of the match the live audience did not care. They didn’t want Sheamus to win, that’s fine he is the heel after all (even though there’s more to it than that) but they also didn’t want Reigns to win. It was pretty hard to watch in some places. You’ve got to respect people putting their bodies through hell for your entertainment, but when they’re getting little reaction for it in the long run it’s pretty bad.

Obviously the match ended with The League of Nations interfering but oddly there was no Wade Barrett. So no PPV pay day for you sir! The end of this match made Roman look almost invincible. Why should I care about his problems when he can win any fight? 3 on 1 during a TLC match? No problem! Superman punches for all.

Sheamus manages to grab the belt in the end, but afterwards during his celebrations. Reigns beats up all three members of the League of Nations. Badly. Why should I consider anyone a threat for this man?

The authority came out to calm Reigns down which works for a while but then he turns his attention to Triple H and absolutely destroy him. Finally he starts getting a good response from the Boston crowd with chants of ‘Thank you Roman’ echoing throughout the arena. Michael Cole tried his best to sell the fact that he’d lost the plot.

Heres the problem though:The way WWE have booked Reigns up until now has made me not care about him. In fact the way they’ve booked Roman Reigns makes me very much dislike him.

So while it might be a good starting point for the majority of WWE fans, including a not at all interested Boston crowd, but WWE are going to have to do a lot more, continuously at that, to make me change my mind. Your move WWE.