The final WWE PPV of the year is tonight! Which means in a few short weeks we’re back in Wrestlemania season so things should start looking up.

TLC is very much a ‘B’ PPV so I’m not really expecting anything shocking or unexpected to happen. It’ll probably be a rather run of the mill show to be honest with a few cool spots.

I’m not a fan of gimmick PPVs in general but especially not when they end up having a ‘Chairs’ match. Whoever thought of that deserves to be shot. It’s so stupid! Though granted not as bad as the ‘Stairs’ match we got last year with Big Show and Eric Rowan. Dear Lord that was something else entirely…

Onto the predictions then!

The Wyatts Vs The Dudleys, Rhyno & Tommy Dreamer [8 Man Elimination Tables Match]

tumblr_nz1mgbdian1sbzhteo1_400Both teams could really do with winning this one, which actually adds a level of excitement to it. The Dudley Boys not long since their return are floundering pointlessly since they failed to win the Tag Titles against New Day. On the other side Bray Wyatt also needs to start picking up some wins again. He lost to Roman Reigns at Hell in a Cell and lost again in a tag match with Luke Harper against Kane and The Undertaker at Survivor Series.

As fun as the Dudley Boys are and ignoring how much I enjoy Rhyno as part of NXT. I have zero interest in yet another ECW originals reunion. It’s been done a million times now by both WWE, TNA and Tommy Dreamer’s own House of Hardcore promotion!

The sensible thing to do is to rebuild The Wyatt family into a destructive group again and beating up some ECW legends is a good way to go about starting that.

Winners: The Wyatts

Alberto Del Rio Vs Jack Swagger [Us Title – Chairs Match]

Considering how it looks like the enitre ‘Mex-America’ angle got canned this week on Raw I can’t see this ‘feud’ between Del Rio and Swagger lasting much longer. Not that I would even call it a fully established rivalry to be honest. Del Rio is likely to retain to keep the newly formed League of Nations looking strong. Also considering how little TV time Swagger has been getting the last few months, even with this feud I just can’t see WWE having faith in him again.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

The Usos Vs Lucha Dragons Vs New Day [Tag Team Titles – Triple Threat Ladder Match]

I’m looking forward to this match and think it has the potential to be match of the night with plenty of comedy and ladder based spots. Will Big E put Sin Cara through a ladder? I hope so! The Lucha Dragons have picked up a couple of victories of Xaiver Woods and company this past week which would usually point to New Day retaining the titles.

The other reason to think that New Day are walking out with the titles is that its the classic ‘2 good guys Vs 1 bad guy’ scenario. How will the bad guy win the WWE will ask? Via hilarious unicorn based mischief obviously.

Winners: New Day

Ryback Vs Rusev

This is the latest match in the mini feud between Ryback and Rusev. After the previous two matches on Raw ending in count-out we should be getting a more decisive ending this time around. Since this is the first storyline since the reforming of Rusev and Lana I hope that WWE book them strongly to get them back into the serious position they used to be in.

However, a part of me can’t help but feel that Ryback will get the victory tonight as a way of punishing them for ruining the Ziggler/Summer Raw storyline with their real life engagement. Vince McMahon holds a grudge people!

Winner: Rusev…hopefully.

Kevin Owens Vs Dean Ambrose [Intercontinental Title Match]


This is the other potential (and most likely) match of the night. Kevin Owens is fantastic performer who’s smart mouth asshole character who can also back it up in the ring is a joy to watch. Ambrose is still hugely over with the crowd despite playing second fiddle to Roman Reigns for most of the year. My main criticism of Ambrose is that he does that stupid through the ropes clothesline three hundred times every match. It’s a cool move but he’s already overused it.

It’s a simple storyline of ‘Your Title, I want it’ mixed in with some crazy Dean Ambrose (see above) and I’m hoping for big things from these two great performers.

I’m expecting Kevin Owens to win as it feels like he only just got the belt and hasn’t really had a decent feud with it yet. Also, Dean won their match at the Survivor Series tournament so based on WWEs 50/50 booking it’s now his turn to job.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Charlotte Vs Paige [Divas Title Match]

We’re in the midst of a possible double turn between Charlotte and Paige. Even though it’s been less than a month since Paige mentioned Charlottes dead brother! It will be very interesting to see if they try to pull this off and if so, how? My current feelings are that the Charlotte heel turn will evolve over the next month or so as it would be too rushed right now. Even if the fans aren’t really feeling her as a face.

As for the match itself I think Ric Flair based shenanigans will ensue and Charlotte will walk out the victor for now. Will Becky Lynch get involved somehow? I doubt it as WWE seems intent on forgetting about her for some reason.

Winner: Charlotte

Sheamus Vs Roman Reign [World Heavyweight Title – TLC Match]

tumblr_nz1t6krpkq1sbzhteo1_400We say some classic WWE booking this week on Raw with Roman Reigns getting a victory over Sheamus in a non title match the week before their title match. Which is WWE trying to say “hey look how good Roman Reigns is, tune in to the PPV to definitely watch him win his match” but in reality its shouting “HEY ROMAN REIGNS IS LOSING ON PPV SO WE’RE MAKING HIM LOOK GOOD NOW!”

Expect Roman Reigns to be on top for most of the match and to keep on battling back whenever Sheamus does take control just to show how tough he is. Gotta make him look strong after all!

I can’t look past The League of Nations getting involved in this match with Wade Barrett the one most likely to interfere on Sheamus’ behalf I’d say. But remember, no matter how WWE spin it. There are no disqualifications so it’s not cheating.

Winner: Sheamus