One Man and His Bike is the journal of Mike Carter a man going through a self-described midlife crisis desperate for change. He did just that, but instead of by a new sports car and crashing it straight into a bush. Mike set off on an epic 5,000 mile ride 11745460around the British coastline. His book doesn’t just tell you about wide variety of characters he met or the places he visited but the fantastic spirit of the nation that according to the media is broken and going down the toilet.

Where do I start with this book? It’s a great read, funny and interesting. The people he meets and the stories they tell him are incredible. The descriptions of the scenery and places he visits makes them come to life and you often feel like you’re sitting there with him. Enjoy the sights or feeling his red faced embarrassments when he says something daft.

Sometimes you get frustrated that Mike doesn’t stay in a place longer or chat to someone for another ten or so minutes but that’s the nature of the beast when you have 5,000 miles to get through!

This by the way is all praise coming not from a super keen cyclist who gets up in the early hours of Sunday more, puts on some skin tight lycra and a silly looking hat every week. I’m just a regular guy who I enjoys a casual cycle on a lovely summers day around a reservoir. Heck I even cycle to work when it’s not chucking it down! What I’m saying is that this book will appeal to everyone. The mode of transport while a part of the book isn’t the whole of the book. It’s about the journey and what happens that make this book so interesting.

I highly recommend it!