Released September 18th, 2015 Shinedown‘s latest album Threat To Survival is the follow up to their fantastic 2012 Amaryllis. The two singles from the album so far are Cut The Cord and State Of My Head.

Threat To Survival moves Shinedown in a new direction after Amaryllis and Sound of Madness. They still have their vintage Shinedown sound, led by Brent Smith’s distinctive vocals, but have moved towards a more pop-influenced songs.

This isn’t to say that they’ve turned into Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. It’s just a softer, incredibly catchy vibe for most of the album. The albums lead single, Cut The Cord, however is a hard rock masterpiece that I guarantee will get stuck in your head. The song was recently used by the WWE as one of the songs for their Hell In A Cell PPV. 

I think a lot of fans have been a bit harsh of the band with them ‘changing’ their sound. I’ll admit I had some concerns of my own when I heard the follow ups to Cut The Cord. It didn’t seem quite right, I wanted more of the same not something new. After all new is scary right? Well it wasn’t until I listened to the album in full that everything clicked for me and I realised that new for Shinedown isn’t scary. New is good. No, new is great!

Threat To Survival is very much still Shinedown and still Shinedown rock!


You can watch to Cut The Cord below: