The Muppets Christmas Carol is my favourite Christmas movie ever (move aside all of you ‘Elf’ fans, I don’t have time for you) and so it goes with out saying that this is also my favourite version of the Charles Dickens classic. I can give you two very good reasons for why I say this:

  1. Every other Christmas Carol I’ve seen is dull and rather boring. Mainly because the story, while portraying a good message is kind of bleh and a little bit meh.
  2. I love The Muppets, I always have and I always will. They’re just so fun and it’s their brand of humour that they bring to this story that makes me enjoy it so much..

Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge was a genius casting choice. He’s a fantastic actor, everyone knows that but it’s his interactions with The Muppets that makes the film believable. Not everyone can have an emotional conversation with a puppet and make it feel real after all!

The real stars of the show are The Great Gonzo and Rizzo The Rat, who play Charles Dickens and…Rizzo The Rat. They narrate the film throughout to the audience, often breaking the fourth wall and it’s their interactions that make this film for me.

All of The Muppet roles are great though. I was trying to figure out why I enjoy them so much and I realised it’s rather simple. You’re not watching Bob Cratchit, you’re watching Kermit The Frog AS Bob Cratchit. Now normally in cinema if you said that you didn’t enjoy Pirates of the Caribbean  because you couldn’t look past Johnny Depp playing the character of Captain Jack Sparrow that would be a huge negative. But for The Muppets, it just works. Not only that, it makes the whole thing that much better.

If you haven’t seen this film and are a fan of A Christmas Carol I seriously recommend a viewing for its own unique style of story telling. Not only that though, it’s a perfect introduction to Charles Dickens for any youngsters out there. Even if like me you’re not that wild on the original itself.

It’s just so much fun!

Verdict: Thumbs Up! (Obviously)