The idea behind Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down is to keep film reviews short, simple and most importantly SPOILER FREE! Keep it simple. Would you recommend this film or not?

Daniel Craig is my second favourite Bond of all time and has starred in two of the best Bond films ever. Casino Royal and Skyfall. For those wondering Pierce Brosnan is my favourite James Bond and he starred in Goldeneye, the best Bond film ever.

Spectre has the unfortunate responsibility of falling Skyfall, a Bond film that everyone loved. Even my Mum. The reality of the situation is that it was never going to live up to the hype and people seem to be punishing it for not living up to their own expectations. Which seems rather unfair.

Daniel Craig is once again fantastic and he seemed to be having fun in the role, especially with the opening scene in Mexico City. Christoph Waltz is also good, but not great as his set up does unfortunately feel rushed. However Léa Seydoux who plays Dr. Madeleine Swann struggles as the character is rather, well, dull to be honest. Which cripples the love interest vibe they try and go for.

Overall though the film is still good. It’s still a 007 film which at the end of the day means it can be silly, can be serious, can be stupid but most importantly can be (and is) fun to watch.

I hope we get to see Daniel Craig as Bond at least one more time.

Verdict: Thumbs Up (but don’t expect to see Skyfall again)