Hello and welcome to what will become a weekly recap/look back on all the good, the bad and the ugly of WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Today we’re talking about Raw [30/11/15] which was live from Pittsburgh and all in all wasn’t a terrible show.

The Good

  • You can’t say they aren’t trying to make Sheamus more interesting since he won the title. Dare I say, he’s actually been bareable to watch these last two Raws since Surivor Series! It helps that he’s been paired more with The New Day who are always fantastic at the moment. The addition of The League of Nations will also help rebuild the Sheamus brand into more of a main event threat after months of looking like a joke of a mid carder. Though that is going to take a lot of work for him to be truely taken seriously once more.
  • Speaking of The New Day, the trio were on commentary during the number one contenders match for the tag titles and did a better job than the actual announcers, who legit get paid to do that very job. Not only were they entertaining on commentary, they then caused a double disqualification so that it resulted in there being no number one contender at all. Only to backfire completely and now have to deal with a triple threat match instead!
  • Sasha Banks had another match on TV, which is only ever a good thing even if it was against Brie Bella. Now all she needs is a proper storyline to sink her teeth into and we’ll be laughing! Sidenote: Can anyone tell me if Team Bella are babyface or heel? I feel like it’s kind of important to the storyline even if WWE don’t.
  • I couldn’t decide where to place this one. On the one side the 7 on 4 main event was a complete clusterfuck, yet on the other it did leave the newly formed League of Nations and The New Day looking pretty dominant. Which is something they really need right now in order to build them up as a proper threat. So good job on that. Though, why we have to have a sudden rebuilding of Rusev, Sheamus, Barret and Del Rio is slightly concerning in the first place. But I’ll let it slide due to injuries this time.

The Bad

  • Yet more 50/50 booking. This time between Tyler Breeze and Dolph Ziggler in a completely unecessary rematch of their Survivor Series bout. This time Ziggler gets the win, which succeeds in achieving absolutely nothing for either man. WWE just don’t seem to be trying to get the Tyler Breeze character over on the main roster, yes he was popular down at NXT and did fantastic work, but the reality is most people who watch Raw don’t know who he is. What WWE need to do is help him build momentum. He needs some big wins, more promo time and more importantly he needs to be protected. How many times has he lost already since he came up to the main roster?! Also another sidenote, Ziggler beat Breeze with a superkick. A superkick actaully won match for somebody! It’s unheard of!
  • Lana and Rusev have lost their magic. That down right awful fued they had with Ziggler and Summer Rae has all but killed everyones momentum (although you could argue that Ziggler and Summer Rae never had any to begin with). How far has Rusev fallen since his fued with John Cena? Miles. He lost so many matches and completely lost direction, hopefully now he’s with The League of Nations that can all start to change though. Also Sidenote, why did we A) Boo Rusev for going to check on his lady after she got hurt & B) cheer for Ryback who won by count out after causing the injury to Lana in the first place?!
  • Oh look it’s another rehash of ECW originals VS other people. This time the other people just so happen to be The Wyatt family who are looking for their dignity after being easily beaten by two semi-retired old men. Tommy Dreamer? Cool. We all wanted Spike Dudley (not that he was ever going to come)
  • A very predictable end to the World Title Match. Roman Reigns wins by DQ? Who saw that coming?! WWE painted themselves into a corner with all the stipulations they kept adding to this match. It became very clear that this was the only possible outcome. Now I’ve said it before, predictable doesn’t actually mean bad, sometimes you want it in fact. However sometimes predictable is just predictable and that means, kinda boring.

The Ugly

  • What am I suppose to believe happened to John Cena? I know he isn’t dead as there wasn’t a tribute video. The authority hasn’t suspended him, he hasn’t been fired. He wasn’t put through a table and injured by Alberto Del Rio. So where is he and why won’t anyone mention his name? ITS BLOODY WIERD. This is a problem WWE have these days; they don’t conclude even the simplest of storylines. Need I remind you of the anonymous Raw general manager?
  • Adam Rose. What are they doing to you man? What’s the point?
  • The really forced and awkward set ups to all the different match stipulations needs for TLC in a few weeks. The only real question is “Are we getting another stairs match and how much do I need to pay not to have to watch another stairs match?”
  • Is their a character in all of WWE that is wetter than Becky Lynch? Ever since she was promoted to join the ‘Divas Revolution’ she’s basically been playing the loveable, yet naive sidekick to the Paige and Charlotte. Which is a polite way of saying she loses all the time. This past week was no different when she lost to Charlotte who cut a semi heel promo afterwards about ‘tough love’. Yet Charlotte is the number one babyface for the divas division right now, so that doesn’t make any god damn sense! If the creative team didn’t have anything proper for her to do on the main roster they should have left her in NXT where she was starting to properly excel!